Leather Belt

Cut a leather belt (belt) 5 cm wide and 1 -1.2 m long.

Make a stencil out of thick paper (transfer the contour to tracing paper, then copy it to thick paper).

Soak the belt blank in hot water for one hour, then dry it between the layers of paper.

Round the edges of the belt: Apply a line with an awl and cut with a knife.

Place the stencil on the canvas belt, stepping slightly from the edge, and gently guide it with an awl. Transfer the stencil and circle it again, etc. Make sure that the edges of the elements match exactly.

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Make a knife with a hem over the printed pattern. Working with a belt takes a lot of time, so do not forget to wet the workpiece as it dries. If work needs to be interrupted, remove the blank in a plastic bag. After cutting, immediately process it with a stack.

After engraving the entire belt, complete the design with small droplets (marked in red in the figure). Transfer the drawing to the tracing paper, then put it on the belt blank and push the droplets with an awl.

Treat the droplets along the contour with a stiletto or knife with a double cut.

Along the perimeter of the belt, retreating from the edge of 0.5 cm, make a groove in any way and smooth out the stack well.

Color the product, if necessary.

Along the perimeter of the belt, make the background around the pattern to the groove. It is made with a stamp, whose profile is a small corrugated pattern.

Smooth out the end surfaces of the belt, apply PVA glue on them and let the surface dry and dry with a smooth object, level the surface around the perimeter.

If the reverse side of the belt is not clean enough and smooth, it should be closed with a lining. Choose a thin skin or split. Glue the finished canvas belt on the lining (without cutting anything) and stitch both cloths on the machine. The line should go strictly along the groove, which is applied along the perimeter of the belt. Cut the excess lining with scissors.

At the end, put a fastener on one edge of the belt, punch round holes on the other side and cut them a little.

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