Letter F in pictures

The Russian alphabet will cease to be like yourself without a letter such as W: words LIFE, DESIRE, LIVE - the basis of human existence.

Learning the letter Z with a small philologist, it is necessary to allocate more time for training in its writing, as it is quite complicated, especially if it is a capital case.

In general, the lesson is built in the usual way:

We iterate over the words with the sound F, while we draw attention to the fact that he never stands behind the rest of the letters of the word, as he turns into his twin brother and -. the sound of W

We consider the image with objects and characters. While the picture is in front of his eyes, the letter F is carefully studied, juxtaposed with the object that is drawn next to it - with a beetle. Usually the word “beetle” is chosen as an association, since its body and legs arranged to the sides resemble the contour J.

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