Love online: 5 real-life stories that will help recognize the cheater

Samara girls told real stories of not the most successful dates and failed love relationships, and also shared tips on how not to fall for the scammers.
online dating in Samara
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Polina, 25 years old:

“A funny incident happened just recently. In social networks, I actively began to write a guy. Judging by the avatar is very attractive, almost perfect. In principle, I can determine at a glance, a personal photo or not. Some guys who do not have a very attractive appearance, but passionately want to lure your girlfriend on a date, especially do not bother searching photos. Hop ... and he is Mario Casas or the perfect model with a torso from the cover of a glossy magazine. Such, of course, you can immediately see through. Also laugh. But this guy looked too real. Yes, and he had a photo in abundance - the whole tape was full of shots from travels, from the beach.And all the photos were taken on the phone, which once again convinced me of the reality. I agreed to a date. I decided that a banal trip to the cinema is a good choice for a first date. All so beautiful, fragrant went on a date. I arrived at the appointed time (well, for decency, 10 minutes late) to the meeting place, looking for the image that did not allow me to fall asleep at night. I immediately eliminate the company of youngsters — well, he cannot be in their ranks; a middle-aged man and not with such an average tum, obviously not him, a married couple, children ... My self-esteem level is creeping down, naturally. I saw, did not like, disappeared. And oh God, a puzatenky man, smiling radiantly, comes to meet me ... I didn’t even say anything, reproaching with deception. Just gone. I haven't felt so embarrassed for a long time. So it was a shame for myself that bought the picture. Then it dawned on me that the man, most likely, downloaded all the photos from the profile of some foreign guy on Instagram and arranged a hunt for young girls. In general, my advice is this: even if the tape inspires confidence in you, check it out for photos with city landscapes! After all, you definitely will know your hometown! ”

Olga, 29 years old:

“I talked with a guy from another city for two months. Girls, to be honest - fell deeply in love. He told me a lot about his family, his work, sprinkled with compliments, said that he did not believe in virtual acquaintances until he met me. Soon he decided to come to visit me. We set a date for the meeting, he should have already bought plane tickets. As in the evening, suddenly he writes me an urgent and alarming message. Like, can not cash money, some kind of problem with the account. Asked to transfer money to buy a ticket to his other account, and he, they say, will return as he arrives. You will not believe it, but I really had no money at that moment - the salary should have been only in a week. That is what saved me! I call a friend to borrow, call the reason, and in response to me: “Are you a fool? How old are you? What are you doing for such a divorce? ”I reproached me, scrubbed me. I wrote to the guy, they say I'm sorry, but the truth is no money. And silence ... Despite this unpleasant incident, I did not put an end to virtual dating, I just became more careful. And fate smiled at me, I met a guy online, together we have been living for two years now. The girls will give this advice: a normal man will never ask an unfamiliar girl, especially for whom he wants to make an impression, on loan.And really there is nobody to ask to help out - a family, friends. Don't be fooled by this! ”

online dating in Samara
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Anna, 38 years old:

“A friend told how she“ successfully ”went on a date. It cost her 4 thousand rubles! This happened in an era when the Russian population only mastered social networks, communication in the web and, of course, dating sites. About virtual scammers and no one knew. Oksana met a nice guy, went to a restaurant with him. The guy was still so generous - he ordered all sorts of goodies. I ate, and with a full smile went to the toilet. 20 minutes it's gone, half an hour, an hour. A friend realized, of course, that the guy just wanted to eat for free. The bill paid. Now this is the number one joke in our company (the girlfriend is not offended, by the way!): When dining at a restaurant or cafe, we ask the waiter to bring the bill to Oksana - she supposedly got used to feed the sick and destitute. Of course, no one is immune from this. Maybe you should ask for a split account right away. "

Olga, 31 years:

“I have nothing against dating sites - I myself met my husband on the Internet, and we have been happy together for 4 years. I know first-hand about scams and frauds on the web. Sister talked with a man for several weeks.Then she went to visit him in another city. But suspiciously quickly came back - literally in a day. At first did not want to tell, and then admitted. That man invited her to visit, but admitted that now in his apartment repair and huddling in one more or less free from work room, will not be very convenient. He offered his sister to rent an apartment for a while. At her expense. And he offered to transfer money to his. Like, find a cozy apartment, pay, let you know. And said - come, dear, everything is ready. Only when my sister arrived, no one met her at the airport, no one answered the calls, no one got in touch. It is clear that lit. I just do not understand one thing. How smart, beautiful, successful girl, not deprived of male attention, and this is exactly all about my sister, could buy into such an idiotic trick? My advice: girls, do not go anywhere! If the guy wants to meet you, he will come at his own expense. By plane, by train, by car, even on deer will rush! ”

Galina, 27 years old:

“Immediately I will say that my story ended with a happy ending! I met a guy on a dating site. Soon we decided to move our online communication offline.For a long time they chose a place so that it would not be commonplace and in order not to feel each other as on the bride. And then I let it out that I wanted to learn how to ride a snowboard. To my luck, the guy turned out to be a pro in this kind of sport. So I thought, until we arrived at the base. The first descent of my instructor ended with a fracture of his leg. Sitting at his hospital bed, I could barely hold back the tears of laughter. Kostik (that is the name of my beloved now) decided to show an indelible impression on me and lied a little about his sporting opportunities. He is also, like me, new to snowboarding. According to him, he spent the night studying video with descents of athletes, read tips for beginners. In general, I did everything not to be dishonored. Not very good at it, to be honest.

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