Luxurious Eye Mask

A luxurious eye maskis a beautiful and wonderful mask with handmade embroidery.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white fabric 23x34cm;
  3. patterned lining fabric 12x23cm;
  4. batting 12x23cm;
  5. pink ribbon "zig-zag" 56cm;
  6. pale blue ribbon 1m.


Step 1

Trim the canvas, retreating 2 cm from the embroidery around the perimeter. Cut out pieces of the same shape from the lining fabric and batting.

Secure the zig-zag braid on the outside of the embroidery, repeating the design shape. Pin the blue ribbon in the right place for the strings on both sides of the mask. Place the blank face up, put lining fabric on it, and wadding on top.

Cleave with pins and stitch the workpiece on the entire contour, leaving a hole to turn the mask on the face. Make sure that the stitch is in the center of the zig-zag braid. Turn the product to the front side and sew the hole with hidden stitches. The mask is ready.

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