Make an ergonomic suspended wine shelf with Dremel

Red wine is the most popular drink of cold seasons. Tart and thick, it warms best in cold evenings. Dremel offers to make a universalhanging wine cabinet for proper storage of wine.

Materials and tools:

  1. wooden slats;
  2. 1 wooden block;
  3. Dremel 4000 multi-tool;
  4. grinding head (430) 6.4 mm, grain 60
  5. cutting disc for wood (SC544);
  6. Universal drill (561);
  7. Universal Cutting Kit (565);
  8. Dremel glue gun (930);
  9. screwdriver;
  10. screws;
  11. dowels;
  12. self-tapping screws;
  13. metal chain.

Step 1

To make the component parts of the shelf, sawing a wooden bar into several parts. The rear and front walls of the shelf must be proportioned at 50x2 cm, and the side walls at 25x2 cm. To do this, use the Dremel 4000 multi-tool with a cutting disc for wood (SC544).We will grind the edges of the workpieces with the help of Dremel 4000 and a grinding head Dremel (430), 6.4 mm, grain 60.

Step 2

Take the wooden slats and cut them into 12 even parts (for each bottle you will need 2 stands). Each piece must be no shorter than 22 cm in length. To make such stands, we use the Dremel 4000 with a wood cutting disc (SC544).

Step 3

Take the front and back of the blanks for the wine shelf and mark on them where the slats will be located. Arrange the pencil marks along the entire length of the front part of the shelf - they will be needed to cut the cuts for the bottles. In order to place the bottles in the shelf it was more convenient, we cut out semicircles in which the containers should be placed. To cope with this task, use the Dremel 4000 and universal cutting kit (565). Sand the edges of the semicircles using the Dremel 4000 multifunctional tool with Dremel grinding head 6.4 mm, grain 60 (430).

Step 4

We fix the slats at the planned points using the Dremel glue gun (930). To complete the work on the shelf, it remains only to fasten all its parts with screws.We make holes in the component parts of the shelf and install metal corner brackets in them. Then we screw in 25 mm screws and tighten them with a screwdriver. To make the wine shelf even more convenient, you can install a grid for hanging glasses on it. All you need to do is screw the metal grill on the back of the shelf with a screwdriver.

Step 5

At the corners of the front side of the wine shelf, we screw the self-tapping screws. We attach a metal chain to them - with its help we can hang a shelf anywhere in the kitchen.

Now it only remains to choose a good place for hanging crafts on the chain. To fix the wine cabinet, measure the distance between the self-tapping screws. In accordance with it, we make four holes in the ceiling using the Dremel 4000 and universal drill (561), and then we insert the dowel and twist four more additional self-tapping screws. Hang the shelf.

Dremel Help:

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