Marshmallow Hot Chocolate

Marshmallow Hot Chocolateis a recipe.


  1. a bar of milk or bitter chocolate;
  2. Marshmallow 2 pcs;
  3. milk 300 ml;
  4. chocolate crumb for decoration.


We pour milk into a saucepan, heat it on the stove and drop the chocolate pieces.

Wait for the chocolate to dissolve in the milk, and throw the marshmallow pieces into the saucepan. Give the marshmallow a little softer.

Transfer the chocolate-marshmallow mass into the blender bowl and beat until smooth. We pour into the cup.

Due to the fact that the marshmallow consistency is lighter than milk, it rises to the top, forming a marshmallow "pillow."

Top of the drink is decorated with chocolate grated on a fine grater. It does not fall down just at the expense of the marshmallow layer. Enjoy the extraordinary taste.

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