Materials for balcony cladding - types, pros, cons

When planning an apartment renovation, it is important to remember that to create a unique interior and to give the housing a modern, stylish look will help you choose the right, high-quality materials. Special attention should be paid not only to the internal arrangement of the rooms, but also to the adjacent areas, such as balcony or loggia. There are many ways to put into practice the most interesting ideas for their design, the main thing is to choose the right material.

What are the benefits of a balcony?

If you want the balcony to be used not only as an additional area for storing the necessary things in the household, but also to have a decent appearance, the inner, outer or integrated cladding of the clapboard of such a room will be a universal solution.

Do the trim for the following reasons:

  1. The possibility of increasing the service life of surfaces - walls, ceilings and floors.Exterior finish contributes to the preservation of the base material, interior - prevents the freezing and leaking corners and walls.

  2. Protect your home from cold, heat, excessive humidity, drafts, which ensures a comfortable living environment in a room adjacent to the balcony.

  3. Quality plating eliminates the need to make repairs often, additional costs for paints, and therefore save your time and money.

  4. Proper design of the balcony will give the room a presentable look and highlight the overall concept of apartment interior design.

  5. You can use the renovated balcony as a full-fledged place to relax, where you can not only enjoy the scenery outside the window, but also on warm summer or even cold winter evenings. It's nice to spend time with a family or friends in a cup of tea.

Methods of finishing the balcony

Before proceeding to the design of the balcony, you should decide on the scope of work and select the necessary materials.

MDF Panels:

  1. Balcony paneling with MDF panels, which you can order here,can only be done from the inside.

  2. MDF is a high-quality and environmentally friendly raw material made from natural wood.

  3. The material has a beautiful appearance, but is quite heavy in weight.

  4. MDF is prone to deformation under the influence of unfavorable atmospheric factors, therefore requires additional treatment with protective means.

Plastic Lining:

  1. The most budget finishes.

  2. The material is resistant to mechanical damage, has a long service life.

  3. The disadvantage is the artificial origin of the material.


  1. Siding is light weight PVC profiles.

  2. Characterized by a wide range of applications, resistance to UV light and temperature changes, as well as a variety of shapes, sizes and shades.

  3. Siding can be used not only for exterior but also for interior wall decoration.

  4. Disadvantages, with the exception of artificial origin, practically has no.

PVC panels:

  1. Very durable, but at the same time more expensive, compared with the clapboard of plastic material.

  2. The thickness of the panels is 10 mm, the width and length are different in the same way as the color and texture.

  3. Since PVC panels are not a kit, you will have to prepare the necessary number of them for installation or use the services of professionals.

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