Mouse from non-spun wool

Mice of non-spinning wool- a master class on how to make your own hands using the technique of dry felting without using a frame. The mice are lying around, sewn and stuffed completely by hand.

Materials and tools:

  1. uncoated wool (white, pink);
  2. monofilament;
  3. a piece of cloth for the skirt;
  4. felting needles (coarse, thin, asterisk);
  5. foam sponge;
  6. sewing needle;
  7. eyes for toys (3 mm);
  8. dried flowers.

Step 1

First, from the unkempt wool with a coarse needle, we lay the cone-shaped preform of the future head of the mouse.

Step 2

Now, add wool to the sides, form the cheeks. Deeply and evenly the needle is lost with the needle.

Step 3

We work simultaneously on the cheeks, making sure that the size and shape are identical.

Step 4

With a needle, drop the eye sockets and insert the eyes. For more reliable fixation of the eyes, you can use the glue "Moment."

Step 5

Then separately roll the drop-shaped detail, which will later be the nose. In order to lay nose to the head, at the base of the detail, leave the wool in a free state. With this coat we roll our nose to the head.

Step 6

Then, on the same principle, we roll our ears, which we roll separately, not forgetting that we are working on all the paired details at the same time.

Step 7

The body, arms, legs, and tail are also wallowing separately. We connect the parts together with the help of the wool left in the free state and the felting needle, as it is earlier in the details.

Step 8

We finish the finished work with a fine needle ("asterisk") and finely torn white wool, working through and leveling the entire surface of the toy.

Step 9

Then, from a small piece of silk fabric we sew a skirt and put it on the finished mouse. Tighten it at the waist and form the folds. To make the fabric of the skirt more rigid and the folds clearer, we wet it with PVA glue, form folds and let the glue dry completely.

Step 10

Next we take monofilament and make a mustache for a mouse with a thin needle for sewing. To fix the end of the string we tie the knot and pass it inside the work. We make an accessory in the form of a bouquet of flowers and glue it to the hands of the bear. &Nbsp;

A non-spun mouseis ready. We do the rest of the family members in the same way, giving each one our own characteristic features.

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