Mini scale

Today, in the morning, I had the idea to create a mini scale so that you can start from 1g. I began to look for different junk around the apartment from which they could have been stuck,
means we need a soldering iron, wire cutters , awl, nadfel, nylon thread, two cups from under the medication, (I have cough medicine "XO") (or other suitable, bottle caps can also be used), a needle from a broken umbrella, and everything!  
2)thenwiththefileweplacethetwospokestogetherwithasolderingironandsolderthesolderingironfromthefirstpoint )somethinglikethisshouldcomeout:3)inthreecupswithanawl,wemakethreeholesandtiethethreads:4)collectthescales!Itiedthecupswithathincopperwiretotheneedle(thereshouldbeholesonthesides),thenwefixthescales(Iinsertedthemintotheplastictubeandintothestandforsolderingiron):5)balancethescales,forthisyoucanuseanysmallobjectsputtingtheminthecups(gadget,piecesoftubules,piecesofpaper)sothatthewire-arrowisparalleltotheneedleonwhichthebalancearmholds. all scales are ready! I had specials.

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