Mirror Disco Ball Production Guide

Materials and Tools

Mirror Glass Cutter Ruler Newspapers Klester Any glue suitable for attaching a mirror to a papier-mâché form will work, I suggest glue for ceiling tiles. Technology First you need to decide the size of your ball. There are no restrictions, only the amount of material used and time. Be sure to prepare your room to work with glass. During work, fine mirror chips will appear - cover the floor with newspapers, cover the interior with suitable materials. Pick up a mirror, preferably a thin one (any one will do, but a thin one is easier to cut). The mirror is cut with a glass cutter into squares approximately 1 cm by 1 cm. We cut the mirror The mirror is laid on a flat hard surface. Next, a ruler is applied to it, on which the mirror is cut into long strips (cut from the front side). Finished strips are divided into squares of 1 cm by 1 cm in a similar way. After this, the squares are gently knocked out from the back of the mirror with a glass cutter. Tip: Splitting a mirror into small squares, mark out several squares at once, so it will be faster. Making the base (ball) The ball will be made of papier- mache Cooking paste. There are a lot of recipes, personally I used the following. Boil 5 parts of water, pour into it? parts of flour diluted in one part of cold water, boil for 2 minutes. Inflate a balloon of the desired size (it is important that the balloon itself be round). Cut paper into strips (newspaper is better). On a dry ball, we begin to stick paper dipped in paste (there is no need to wet the paper too much, to dry for a long time). Make as many layers as possible, let the layers dry, and apply the following. The ball should be strong enough to hold a mirror. After waiting for the paper to dry, we pierce the inner ball and remove it. The base is ready. The final stage We manufacture fasteners with which the ball will be attached to the desired surface.For this purpose, it is necessary to wrap the ball in several places with a nylon rope (imagine the ball as a globe and wrap it around the meridians and the equator with a rope). All threads need to be smeared with glue, on the top of the head to gather the threads in one bundle, which will become a fastener. There are also options with fastening on the principle of Christmas-tree toys, with the help of wire. We hang the ball on the holder (so that it is convenient for you to work with it). We glue the ball with squares of the mirror with glue (I suggest glue for ceiling tiles) - we start with the “top” of the ball. Pasting on the horizontal rows. Try to place the mirror pieces as close as possible to each other - the amount of light reflected from the ball and the appearance of the decoration will depend on it.

Hang the ball in the right place, spin it, send light to it and Turn on the hits of the 80s! Disco is starting!

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