Mobile Phone Case

It is not strange, but our world, like our happiness, consists of trifles. This statement, of course, can be contested, because everyone has his own concept of "peace" and "happiness." For someone, happiness is to be rich, and someone to give a helping hand - and nothing else is needed. Someone can give one hundred and one roses - and he will not have enough of it, and give someone an accessory for a mobile phone, such as a pendant or a cover, and you will see a smile on your face and eyes. So, if you have such acquaintances or friends who love and appreciate the things you do with your own hands, and then donate them, then you can make a case for a mobile phone and present it. For our future case, you need to stock up on enthusiasm , patience, as well as materials such as: fabric for the base of the cover, thread with a needle, scissors, watch strap from an old watch, beautiful and bright buckle.
>img src="" alt="Mobile Phone Case" title="Mobile Phone Case"> Dachshund, now that we have checked whether we have everything,and maybe something worth buying, then we acquire and begin our needlework. We take our main material - fabric. We check how suitable it is for our phone in such a way that the fabric should completely close the phone from all sides. Another nuance, be sure to keep in mind that from all sides of the cover will be removed by a centimeter or half.
 Mobile phone case
We sew the first side simple stitches. The first side is the one that is closer to the end of the matter.
 Case for mobile phone
Carefully insert the mobile phone and begin to sew up the second side .
 Mobile Phone Case
You do not need to remove the necessary fabric material by trimming it with scissors.
 Case for mobile phone
If you do not like fancy things, or this one does not like, to whom you are preparing this gift, you can fasten a cover with a button and leave it in this position. Cover for mobile phone
But, if you want to make a bright and at the same time modest case, we continue our work. And sew a strap from an old watch to the top of the case. We do everything according to the instructions that are shown in the photos, if it’s so hard for you to understand what’s what.
 Mobile Phone Case
Look at what level we need to attach the buckle, and then sew it there or glue it. But to be sure that the cover will last you a long time, then we will stitch it and glue it.  Case for mobile phone
Now tighten the strap with buckle, as usual watch and admire our invention.
 Mobile Phone Case
Case for mobile Phone ceiling elements
Another check as well and with a conscience, we did cover, to avoid any disadvantages and small holes. If you have a machine, you can stitch it on top of the hand stitches.Well, then make or buy a beautiful mini-bag and present to your friends or simple acquaintances.

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