Modern furniture in the hallway


Furniture for a small hallway

The best option for the hallway is modular furniture that allows you to create various combinations from ready-made blocks. Standard complex includes a closed wardrobe, coat rack, chest of drawers or cabinet, umbrella stand, padded stool or bench so that it is comfortable to put on shoes.

When choosing cabinets it is necessary to consider the size and configuration of the room. For a small space, a non-bulky, but roomy headset is appropriate, a wardrobe with a depth of 45 cm is a good solution. An option is possible - a cabinet without a back wall - a tight fit to the wall will bring it closer to the built-in model.

If the wardrobe does not fit into the space, corner cabinets will become a full-fledged replacement. They allow you to free up space through the use of corners. Also, do not neglect such a useful piece of furniture as a mezzanine, where you can store non-essential things. To store gloves, handbags instead of a dresser, you can hang a shelf with a mirror, and under it put a low nightstand for shoes, which will also fulfill the function of a bench.

Furniture for a narrow hallway

Set for a narrow corridor must be chosen especially carefully. It must be functional and not clutter up the space. The furniture is placed along one wall, the hallway set can consist of an open hanger, a low pedestal and a compact closet with a mirror door leaf.

A suitable option would be a galley box with a fan opening system. Shoes are stored in it as if suspended, which saves space due to the depth of the locker. An excellent solution would be multifunctional furniture: a soft hollow pouf with a convertible top, a banquette with extra shelves for shoes.

Organically fit into a narrow corridor elongated narrow nightstand, a mirror hanging above it will make the corridor visually twice as wide. When choosing furniture one should take into account that the design of a small room should be concise, not burdened with unnecessary details.

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