Money tree made of threads and nails

String Art- this is a very interesting and very exciting technique. Nails are hammered on any wooden surface and their heads are woven with threads. Once you have mastered it, it is difficult to stop at one job. Today you will learn how to make a beautiful money tree from colored knitting threads. The tree is a strong symbol. It is associated with prosperity, fertility, abundance. Its main value is the personification of life in its various manifestations and aspects. In addition, the tree is a symbol of immortality, eternal life. The main symbolic forms are the tree of knowledge, the tree of life, the tree of abundance. To create a money tree you need to prepare: - a wooden board (or piece of particleboard) - carnations decorative (about 200 pieces) threads for knitting (gray, green, brown); - hammer, pliers, - pencil, ruler - coins and superglue - stencil wood.
need to prepare
Step 1. To start, follow the board with a pencil and a ruler to define frames ki paintings.It is better to retreat from the edge about 5 mm and draw straight lines. The strips must be marked at a distance of 1 cm, and then carnations will be driven into them.
 define the frame of the picture
Step 2. Draw a stencil on the tree with the trunk . You can draw branches, but it's better to simply transfer the shape of the crown. You must also mark the nails around the perimeter of the image.
 Draw with a stencil
Step 3. Now start gradually driving nails into those places where the points were drawn in pencil. It is better to hold them with pliers, so you will not only save your fingers from injury, but also hammer nails to the same depth.
 start gradually hammering the nails
start gradually hammering the nails
Step 3. Then proceed to the formation of the background of the picture. Take the gray thread, tie it to the extreme nail and begin to twist the caps of the studs with it.This can be done in a chaotic manner, the main condition: that all the carnations were wrapped in a thread (preferably two or three times). Once all the space is filled, you need to tie the thread to the edge of the stud and cut it.
 go to forming the background of the picture
 go to the background of the painting
 go to the map background inna
Step 4. Some masters already leave the picture in a variant where only the background is laid out with threads and the image is not filled. But you can continue the picture. Green thread should be braided studs that form the crown, and brown - the trunk of a tree. It is important not to forget to make borders of images. To do this, you should skip the thread between the carnations along the edge of the picture of the whole tree.
 Carnations should become a green thread
 The green thread followsCarnations
Step 5. Now it is necessary to glue coins only around the perimeter of the whole crown with the help of superglue. br>
to glue the coins
 Money tree from threads and nails
This is the beautiful picture that comes from threads and nails. On the back of the board, you can write a wish for the person to whom you are going to present it, for example: “I wish you that only large banknotes grow on your tree.” Greatly the same picture will look in black and white. For this you need to make a background with using white nylon thread, and the tree - black. This will give the impression that the image is a tree silhouette.
 a beautiful picture is obtained
 look in black and white colors
picture in black and white colors
With this principle you can make silhouettes e image.For example, a couple in love with a cat or a gentleman will confess to his lady in love.
 make silhouette image

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