Why sew toys with their own hands, if you can buy them? Indeed, but not everyone can afford to please the child with new fun too often, besides, it is not known what materials a new purchase will be made of, suddenly it is dangerous to health. And a thing made with your own hands is always more valuable and close to the heart, exclusive, you can be sure of its environmental friendliness, and if you connect your child to the process, you will be twice as happy with needlework.
Month is a soft toy
Such a moon can be sewn in an hour or two at most, you need very few materials to make it, the process is not very complicated and laborious. This is a wonderful decor for a child's room or a pleasant friend with whom the child will sleep much more interesting.
material for toys
For work you will need: 1. The fabric is yellow and blue (in our case, the sides of the moon are of different colors, so the material is yellow and orange); 2. Blue ribbon for decoration, red tape for the mouth, cord or tape for hanging; 3.Threads: white for stitching parts, black for embroidery of the eyes and red for the mouth; 4. Paper and pen for drawing patterns; 5. Scissors, needle, button. On paper or a newspaper draw a figure of the month. It is best to depict an even circle with a diameter of about 22-25 cm, and then turn it into such a profile of the moon.
cut out template
Cut out the figure, apply it to the matter and trace two identical parts along the contour - the left and the right side.
 apply the template
When you start cutting, consider the margin for seams - 0, 5 - 1 cm.
You fold the two sides of the pattern and stitching with the most common cushioning seam.
 sew month
Do not finish sewing a little to the end to leave a hole for the gasket. Turn the part and fill it tightly with sintepon.
Sew a hole. Approximately at the top of the next month it is necessary to sew a ribbon or cord on which the toy will be hung, fasten it with a button so that it holds well.
Use neat stitches to sew up the eyes of the month on both sides.
 sew up
Cut a piece of ribbon and sew it on the spot where you want make the moon smile.
make the moon smile
The result is a pretty slumbering month that smiles in a dream.
dormant month
Something is missing? Need a hat-cap, pattern of which draw on the newspaper. To do this, bend a little higher than the nose and attach the previous one, which you did for a month, to guess the size, draw a long tip.
cap cap
Transfer the resulting pattern onto the fabric prepared for the cap.
cap cap
Also required two details - left and right. Cut them indented, connect with the same stitch, do not forget to bend and hem the edge. Remove the finished product using a pencil or pen for a thin tip. It should work cap with a long curled tip.
 cap cap
Put a cap on the moon, gently stretching a stitching string in place between stitches. suspension cord
Take the ordinary blue src="" alt="suspension cord" title="suspension cord"> Decorate the month with its help, imposing a bow or knot in the shape of a neck scarf.  of the scarf The toy is ready. It can be hung on the wall, cornice or chandelier in the children's room as a decoration.  Month Or a child can play with it and go to bed. After all, who like a magical month is able to give fairy-tale dreams to children.  Month soft toy You can additionally make and hang out cardboard stars in the room by decorating them with thick a layer of cosmetic glitter planted on white glue. Or sew them from the same yellow fabric as the moon.Such a space ensemble will become a truly fabulous decoration of the first room of the baby.

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