Studio Moooi released a wallpaper with prints of extinct animals

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The Dutch design studioMoooihas launched a series of interior items - theMuseum of Extinct Animals. Presented for the first time during Milan Design Week, the collection includes carpets, leather goods and fabrics. But the highlight is thewallpaper series, created in collaboration with the Belgian brandArte.

The collection uses images of10 extinct animals, including the pygmy rhino, the dodo bird, the flying coral fish, the reddened sloth, and the bearded leopard.

Moooifound images of these animals, exploring the collections of various museums.

We searched museums around the world and found the most incredible drawings of former animals, documented by researchers during research, ”said Marcel Wanders, co-founder of Moooi. "A lot of history is lost and can only live in our memory and imagination.

The collection includes wallpapers on which all 10 extinct animals are shown, but there is also a wallpaper design dedicated to each creature on which the plumage, skin and fur of those animals are recreated.

Patterns are based on the color palette and texture of animals, as was shown in the pictures. The paper is made from a wide range of materials, including suede, metal foil, bound paper and textiles.

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