Multicolored Striped Coffee Table

A multicolored striped coffee tableis a master class on how to quickly and simply do it yourself from an ordinary (or old) table, for example, bought at IKEA, a beautiful and eye-pleasing coffee table.

Materials and tools:

  1. Materials and tools:
  2. table;
  3. colorful Scotch tape
  4. scissors or office knife;
  5. furniture lacquer and brush.

Step 1

Take a coffee table and use a cleaning agent to clean and degrease the entire surface of the table. We proceed to pasting the table with scotch: first we put the ends of the table on, then gently begin to stick the table top gently. Starting from the edge of the tabletop and me the color of the scotch tape, we paste over the tabletop, so that there are no gaps between the scotch strips and also that the scotch strips do not overlap each other.

After finishing pasting the table, the tabletop can be protected with varnish. Apply varnish on the countertop and let the varnish dry.Depending on the tape used, you may first need to cover the tabletop with a layer of white glue.

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