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Alphabetical interpretation

Dreams about music are very complex and have a lot of different interpretations. In various dream books, music can have both positive and negative meaning. For example, the ABC of Interpretation defines music as life in general, its flow. If a sleeper hears a symphony concert, he will have to experience the fertile emotions and attitudes for the soul. An orchestra or ensemble of musicians means agreement with the world, but musical instruments predict future troubles. Just sounding music can symbolize the world of illusory dreams, in which sleeps. The “Dream Interpreter of the Wanderer” agrees with her.

Idiomatic dream book

The idiomatic dream book in its interpretations is based on idioms - stable expressions with a certain meaning. In this dream book, music has several meanings. From the expression “the one who pays, he orders the music” comes the meaning of power, the desire to control things. “The music of the heavenly spheres” symbolizes the sublime spirituality, the “familiar melody” resembles something already known.Doing something accompanied by music emphasizes the significance of the situation, its solemnity, denotes enthusiasm.

American dream book

If in a dream you hear a beautiful, harmonious melody, this is a sign of spiritual ascent, the achievement of harmony within yourself. And if in the melody the false is clearly heard, it means that the dreamer is not at odds with himself and with life.

The dream books of A. Meneghetti, G. Miller and D. Lofa

Psychologist A. Meneghetti believed that if you see a group of people who dance or play music, it is very positive. Usually he foreshadows something new, revolutionary, progressive in the event that such is the nature of music. But if you hear repetitions of melody or rhythm, beaten classic themes or melodies from your childhood - this should be alerted. This means that stabilized neural networks (groups of cells that connect the brain to the body) make you less flexible. The one who plays, the listener, the reaction of the listener, the nature of the music are all very important elements of sleep that need to be analyzed. If the dreamer does not like the music, this means a refusal to the performer in his expectations.If a man sees a girl playing for him, it can mean his desire for her to do something nice for him. If at the same time there is someone third - it is the fear of an opponent or any obstacle. A bad sign is a music box in a dream: the mechanical reproduction of the same melody means obsessive thoughts or the manifestation of schizophrenia.

According to G. Miller, to hear music means to have a good time. If the music is melodic - in reality you will achieve satisfaction and peace of mind. And disharmonious motives foreshadow trouble with disobedient children or problems with the household.

D. Loff believed that a pleasant melody is a symbol of harmonious relationships with others. You should avoid people whose music you do not enjoy.

Oriental Dream, Moon Dream

A beautiful melody in a dream symbolizes the pleasures and life joys. If the dreamer does not like the sound, it means that there will be a series of unpleasant events, most likely in the family sphere. Symphonic music marks a pleasant way of spending time.

Lunar, however, interprets music as an interesting conversation.A musical game means good news.

Dream interpretation E. Tsvetkova, Russian dream book

If you look into E. Tsvetkova’s dream book, for women music there will symbolize a hidden mockery. In general, listen to music - to the good news.

Russian interprets pleasant music as new hopes, interesting acquaintances.

Freudic dream interpretation, psychoanalytic dream interpretation

Sigmund Freud considered music to be a positive sign, especially pleasant, bringing pleasure to the audience. She points to harmony in the realms of life and a happy state. If the dreamer enjoys music, the dream speaks of his optimistic mood, faith in himself and his future. If the melody is well known to the listener, he will have to return to his past, and this return will be unexpectedly pleasant. The harsh arousing music foreshadows things for you that you have absolutely no desire to do, but this is necessary. Then, most likely, you will regret it. If the dreamer himself plays music in a dream - in reality he will get tired of being on the sidelines and he will successfully take responsibility for himself. In the new field waiting for new interests and feelings.

Psychoanalysis interprets music as a harmonious and contradictory life full of emotions. The music of the spheres and the organist is a symbol of the male organ. Orchestra means sleeping consciousness. Cacophony, dissonances symbolize the contradictions between the conscious and the unconscious.

Symbolic dream book

According to this dream book, music is a sign of relationships, professional successes and recessions. In addition, music can symbolize illusory plans, be a sign of comfort or pleasure.

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