Nagiyev told how to make a fortune

According to the actor, now the money will flow like a river, you just need to substitute a shovel.

Last year, Dmitry Nagiyev topped the rating of the most highly paid Russian actors, overtaking even such masters as Fyodor Bondarchuk and Vladimir Mashkov. The artist earned as much as $ 3.2 million. But, apparently, in 2017 he will bring him even more. After all, he came up with a way to get rich. And the actor decided to make money on his own colleagues in show business, namely on the Leningrad group.

Photo: TNT press service
Photo: TNT press service
Photo: TNT press service
Photo: TNT press service

As it turned out, Nagiyev has more vocabulary than Sergey Shnurov. In Dmitry's arsenal there is a wonder-word with which Shnurov is not familiar! Yes, it is hard to believe. But here, as they say, there is a ruin on the old woman. The word surprised the performer so much that he didn’t immediately understand what it was, what it meant, and what it meant to rhyme with. Nagiyev promised that with this expression money will flow like a river. Just have time to substitute a shovel!

What is this word and how Cord applied it, we will find out in the next “Fizruk” series on TNT, where the musician played himself, and Nagiyev’s hero, Thomas, became his producer.

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