Named product, because of which women are more likely to get cancer

And the same product increases the risk of endometriosis.

Recently, scientists from the University of Leeds published the results of a study that lasted as many as 17 years. Participation was attended by women aged 35 to 39 years - only 32 147 people. Most professionals were interested in what women eat and how their diet affects their health.

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As a result, four main food groups were identified. The first included those who consumed red meat, poultry and fish once a week and less. In the second - those who preferred fish and ate it at least once a week. The third is those who ate fish and birds once a week and more often. And the fourth group - those who ate mostly red meat, not fish and not poultry. Immediately make a reservation, under the red meat, researchers understand pork, beef, lamb, offal and meat semi-finished products.

Comparing the state of health of all these women, the scientists found out: those who adhered to the fourth type of nutrition, often fell ill with colon cancer.In fairness it should be noted that the number of such women was small, only about one percent.

�In any case, this data is important. If a person has a family predisposition to cancer or he seriously thinks about prevention, it is better to limit the consumption of meat, �says the head of the study, Dr. Diego de Jorguy.

It is noteworthy that at the beginning of the year, the University of Glasgow conducted an even larger study, covering 273,466 women. His results were disappointing. If a lady in 35−40 allows herself three slices of bacon a week, then the risk of developing breast cancer increases.

And at the Center for Cancer Research in Washington conducted another study, which was attended by 82 thousand women. Observations went 22 years. As a result, it turned out that women who eat meat twice a week were diagnosed with endometriosis by 56 percent more often than those who were not a meat eater.

"It is assumed that the consumption of red meat affects the production of hormones that cause endometriosis," - says Fred Hutchinson, head of research.

More movement and fresh vegetables, less fat and fried, to exclude alcohol and smoking - this formula for a healthy life is known to all who care about their health.And this list of foods and herbs available to you anytime, anywhere, is well worth hanging on the door of your refrigerator as a reminder that it is time to replenish stocks of top products related to anti-cancer nutrition.

July 10, 2018Natalya Evgenieva
a guest11.07.18 08:22

Rave. We mom bala vegetarians did not eat meat at all from bowel cancer died at 49 years old

a guest13.07.18 10:57

It was necessary to eat.

a guest11.07.18 08:54

Is the meat in the world over again? Or salaries and pensions? Or did they buy less vegetables and pasta? 1% is within the statistical error. And ... in the USSR, the Ministry of Health recommended protein foods to be eaten daily, 3 times a day.

a guest11.07.18 09:07

Protein is not only in meat. And a lot of years have passed since the times of the USSR. And cancer is getting more and more people every year.

a guest11.07.18 11:00


a guest11.07.18 16:13

In eggs and milk is still animal protein.

a guest11.07.18 10:58

DO NOT CALL ON PEOPLE TO BE VEGETARIANS, THIS IS VERY HARMFUL. MEAT IS NECESSARY TO HUMAN BEING AT 20 GRAMS PER DAY. And it is better to take an animal protein. so that you do not force people not to eat meat, but that everyone will have anemia and dehydration

a guest11.07.18 12:27

But in solidarity with our earthly brothers meat is still worth giving up.Although I am a meat eater, I consider it a crime

a guest11.07.18 12:24

Here I am eating meat and cancer did not die

a guest27.07.18 17:48


a guest11.07.18 15:21

They write utter nonsense. My mother-in-law all my life only ate pork, yes beef and lamb, and always fried, and even in lard. Until now, she is alive and healthy, she is 91 years old, and her health is excellent.

They write utter nonsense, my mother-in-law has eaten all her life and eats this red meat and sausages as much as she eats. And, there is fried meat, and even on fat. It is even very healthy and 91 years old. It never lay in the hospital, the pressure is like that of an astronaut.

a guest11.07.18 16:38

Your mother-in-law, most likely, the iron nervous system. And she knows how not to take problems into her head. Although it may pretend that it is not healthy, that it is not true.

a guest12.07.18 12:51

That's for sure. The nervous system controls the cardiovascular system. And how the body also functions from the nerves. And, of course, lifestyle.

a guest11.07.18 15:56

cancer is ecology, nerves, physical and mental traumas, bad habits that destroy the body from the inside, if you are constantly under stress, which has already become the norm, breathing poisoned air and living in an unfavorable environment, typical of all megalopolises, then talking about the right nutrition looks naive, well, if only for complacency, that at least here something turns out right.

a guest11.07.18 16:16


a guest11.07.18 16:34

Yes, stress and poor nutrition greatly weaken the body. Especially when it is a very frequent condition. Fully agree with the previous comment.

a guest12.07.18 09:56

Agree with you.

a guest11.07.18 18:49

Respected by me, Mikhail Zadornov, was a vegetarian, this is a satirist. He died of glioblastoma. Zhanna Friske, singer, vegetarian glioblastoma (brain cancer). All health, you have to eat everything in moderation and for less different E supplements.

a guest27.07.18 17:52

Apparently, you read the article through the line. It says about cancer of the intestine (in particular, the rectum) and the uterus. The brain has to do with it?

a guest11.07.18 18:52

Another portion of false vegetarian propaganda. They kicked up to disguise themselves as those who care about health. Do not want to eat meat - do not eat, but do not meddle with others on the plate and do not impose a ban on meat, pretending that you want to help.

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