Naomi Campbell posing topless in the arms of rapper Skepta

Skept and Naomi met in November 2016 at the ceremony of the British Fashion Awards and since then have often collaborated. After all, Skepta, like any self-respecting rapper, is not limited to music and releases his own line of underwear. Well, if there is a supermodel among your acquaintances, then whom, if not her, ask to become the face (or more precisely, the body) of the brand. It was the pictures from the advertising campaign of the new line of underwear MAINS, taken by photographer En Le, and decorated the new issue of the magazine.

British GQ Publication (@britishgq)Mar 2, 2018 at 2:11 pst

British GQ Publication (@britishgq)Mar 1, 2018 at 2:36 PST

In addition to the pictures, in which the couple clearly demonstrates more than friendly feelings, you can find an interview in the issue in which the main characters tried very honestly to answer pressing social issues, from the Trump presidency to the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

However, judging by the comments in social networks, readers are only interested in one question - when will the rumors about the relationship be confirmed?“Please let it be true, not just a photo session. Together you look simply amazing, ”one of the commentators expresses hope. “Deserves the title of the cover of the year,” admires the other.

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