Christmas Tree Postcard

Need an original handicraft in kindergarten or school, but time is running out? We will tell you how to make a fabulous postcard "Fir-tree" in a short time. Educators and teachers will be delighted!
 postcard Christmas tree
You will need: - colored paper of green color; - album sheet; - watercolor paints; - brush; - glue - a pencil; - a simple pencil; - a ruler; - scissors. 1. We lined colored paper with a simple pencil and a ruler.
postcard Christmas tree
2. Cut the paper along the lines.
New Year's card
3. We fold paper strips with an accordion.
New Year's card
4. Bend the landscape sheet in half in the form of postcards.We decorate it with painted snowflakes. New Year's card
5. We paste tiers from the Christmas tree. 6. We supplement the paper tree with a star and funny pictures of the New Year theme.  открытка Новогодняя елочка Our artwork is ready. It remains to sign a souvenir and take it to the New Year's exhibition. Happy holiday!

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