Newspaper Photo Frame

From the pages of the old glossy magazine you can make interesting and useful crafts that will be an original gift and decorate the interior. We will make a fun photo frame. In addition to magazine pages, we will need scissors, a pencil and a ruler, a thin needle, glue and thick cardboard for the base.
Photo frame from newspaper tubes
-Cutting sheets into rectangles of size 10x12 cm.
 Photoframe made from newspaper tubes
-We tightly reel the needle on the knitting needle, starting from the corner.
 Photo frame from newspaper tubes
Accurately paste the tip of the paper sheet and remove the tube from the knife.
 Photo frame from newspaper tubes
-We get such blanks here. -From a fairly dense cardboard we cut out the base of the craft. The frame can be square, rectangular, oval.  Photo frame from newspaper tubes
Lubricate cardboard with glue and place on it paper tubes. The blanks must be laid tightly, with a small allowance at the edges.  Photoframe from newspaper tubes As drying, the protruding edges of tubules can be gently trimmed around the perimeter of the base.
Photo frame from newspaper tubes
-Take the entire surface of the future photo frame tightly with tubes and carefully cut the length digits together with the details. For durability, the front side of the product can be coated with any available varnish or PVA glue diluted in half with water. We paste on the back of a sheet of thin cardboard so that there is enough free space to replace the photo.  Photo frame from newspaper tubes Our original photo frame is ready.

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