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Norah Jones talks exclusively to us about her move into the acting world

With 40 million album sales and eight Grammy awards, Norah Jones is undisputedly the best-selling female artist of the decade. But can she cut it as an actress? Here, she makes her screen debut as heartbroken waitress Elizabeth in My Blueberry Nights.

You’ve never acted before, so how difficult was it to make My Blueberry Nights?

Well, we shot chronologically, which helped. The first scenes we filmed were my first scenes in the film – so I’m at my most awkward and uncomfortable, which kind of works for Elizabeth. I think he did it because he wanted to have a progression and by the end I was much more confident and felt more like a woman, and that’s the character.

You get to kiss Jude Law. How was that?

We didn’t do that for several weeks. That would’ve been quite uncomfortable [if we’d done it first]. And the kissing scene at the end of the film was Jude’s last scene that we shot, so by then everybody was getting sad that it was almost over. It was sweet. But all my girlfriends were so excited that I got to work with Jude Law.

Talking of kissing, do people tell you that they listen to your music while making out?

Sometimes. It’s only weird when they tell me about it.

Video: Norah Jones Interview on Charlie Rose

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