Not a single fold: the secrets of perfectly ironed things

If humanity managed to shift laundry duties to almost all automatic machines, then the situation with ironing is a bit more complicated. Even the most modern irons with a variety of useful functions require a delicate approach and compliance with certain rules. Here are some tips to make your laundry look really perfect.

Choose the right mode

Do not be tempted once to adjust the settings of the iron and iron all clothes. In many things, synthetic fibers are often added to natural fibers. So clothes hold their shape better. Check the information on the tag, and in case of doubt, use the most delicate mode.

Start ironing with the most delicate fabrics.

Everyone knows that wool and synthetics should not be ironed with a hot iron. Unfortunately, having bought an expensive device, people sometimes pin too high hopes on it.Even the most modern iron does not know how to cool in a few seconds. Start ironing on the most delicate mode, and then go to higher temperatures.

The secret of ironing shirts

Do not rush to put a hot iron on the canvas shelves or backrests. When ironing cuffs and sleeves, you are likely to spoil the result of your work with unnecessary folds. Start with the toughest sections, collar and seams. The central part of the iron in the last turn.

Prepare things in advance

Remember that all things need to cool completely to keep a neat look. Do not iron your skirt or blouse before the work itself. Things that you will need, pat even in the evening. In emergency situations, they can be hung on the shoulders and allowed to cool in cold air before putting on.

Learn to handle steam

Most modern irons have a steam function. Do not be afraid to apply it in various ironing modes. Moist fibers can be smoothed at lower temperatures, which prevents burning through the fabric.

Give things from natural fabrics a little wiggle

Cotton and linen cannot be dried out after washing.If it turned out that it was not possible to remove the laundry on time, sprinkle it with water and hang it on the hangers. After 10 minutes, you can start ironing.

Monitor the state of the ironing board

This is not a subject that should be passed on from generation to generation. With age, the boards are deformed and ironing on them is no longer convenient. Change the board if the period of its service has expired. Modern lightweight or built-in models can greatly simplify your work.

Pour soft water into the iron

If your home tap water is more stiff, for the iron will have to buy distilled. This will significantly increase the service life of the equipment and prevent breakdowns.

Drain the water from the iron after the end of ironing

Excessive contact with water can lead to breakage. Therefore, refill the container just before ironing, and empty it after the work is finished. If you use special fluids for iron - proceed in accordance with the instructions.

Do not forget to clean the iron

It is necessary to constantly monitor both the cleanliness of the surface of the iron and the lack of lime scale inside.Some modern models have a self-cleaning function that occurs at the highest temperatures. Grandmother's tips are suitable only for older models, and for modern teflon or ceramic coating are unacceptable! It is better to buy special cleansing compounds that do not harm.

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