A heart in the form of a notebook

Heart in the form of a notebook
Getting a valentine is always a pleasure. And if the heart is made with your own hands, and even as a useful thing, then it’s doubly joyful. This heart - a notebook is very easy to make. To do this, you will need:
  • a small sheet of thick two-sided paper in red;
  • 3-4 sheets of pink two-sided paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • a heart-shaped pattern of any size;
  • glue.
Work sequence. To make a cover, place the template on a sheet of red paper, circle and cut.
 cut out the heart
Carefully fold it in half.
 cut the heart
The size of the template for the manufacture of pages should be slightly smaller finished form of leaves did not protrude beyond the edge of the cover.Therefore, fold the pattern in half and draw a line along the entire contour, decreasing the size by half a centimeter.
 cut heart
Carefully cut and unfold. As you can see, the second pattern turned out to be less than the cut out red heart.
 cut a heart
Attach the reduced template to a sheet of pink paper, circle around the contour and cut.
cut out heart
So prepare 15-17 bright hearts.
carve hearts
Fold them in half .
 Notebook Heart
Apply a strip of glue along the entire length of the fold of a heart half a centimeter wide.
 Heart in the form of a notebook
Put on it the next workpiece, also folded in half. Spray again with glue. You get a pile of folded hearts. Let the glue dry.
 A heart in the form of a notebook
Place a red heart on a table in an expanded form and spread glue on its middle along the entire fold. Then put glue on the back of the resulting pile and place it with an edge on the red blank exactly in the center. In order for both parts to stick well, put two books on the sides of the pink blank and let the craft dry.
 Notebook Heart
Now neatly connect the two halves of the finished cover by marking the edges.
 Notebook Heart
 A heart in the form of a notebook
Here you have such a notebook. If you open it and turn it over to the other side, then you will have a valentine.
 A heart in the form of a notebook
And inside your notebook there were a lot of pink pages: twice as many as there were blanks.
 Notebook Heart
 Notebook Heart
Heart in the form of a notebook
You can leave them clean by leaving the future owner of the notebook to fill them themselves. Or you can write a declaration of love, a friendship offer, or just good words on each page that you would like to say to your friend or girlfriend.

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