Nyusha does not show his tummy

Fans suggest that she is afraid of the evil eye.

As soon as in January 2017, Nyusha announced her engagement with Igor Sivov, rumors immediately appeared that she was expecting a child. However, these guesses were only empty talk. When the singer performed at a concert in a short top and shorts, fans immediately noticed the singer's slightly rounded tummy. After that, the artist has already begun to wear pretty loose clothes and openly talk about her position. Nyusha also began to dance less in her performances in order to take care of herself.

Now the artist is preparing for the upcoming birth and enjoying pregnancy. She began to very rarely upload pictures. Now each of her photos for subscribers is like a breath of fresh air, which they are so looking forward to.

“Nyusha, we lost to you”, “Come here more often”, - fans ask.

Photo: @nyusha_nyusha

This time, the star posted a photo in the pool, where water covered her belly.

“In such sultry weather, you want to swim.To everyone who is now in the city, this picture is dedicated. Great mood, my dear ones, ”the performer wrote in her microblog.

“Pretty”, “Such a beauty”, “Favorite singer! I also wanted to go swimming, looking at this photo! ”- followers are moved by.

Fans also noticed that Nyusha was diligently hiding her stomach, despite the fact that everyone already knows about her pregnancy. In the comments broke out a verbal battle between subscribers.

“Again the belly is not in the frame.

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