Office Paper Fir

You can make a lot of handicrafts from plain white paper, including Christmas ones. The most common can be called a snowflake, which is cut out of different shapes. But office paper is also suitable for creating a simple Christmas tree, the production process of which will not take more than 5 minutes.

 Herringbone from office paper
To make such a New Year's craft, you will need: br>- a square of white paper; - scissors.
 Herringbone of office paper
To begin with, the existing square must be folded along two diagonal lines.
Herringbone from office paper
After this we make the transverse folds, but in this case the paper will need to be folded in the other direction.
 Herringbone of office paper
Due to the folds made in this way, we fold up the blank Christmas tree as a double triangle.Now the top layers of the resulting triangle are bent towards the central vertical line.  Office paper Christmas tree
After this, the newly made folds need to be slightly unfolded and give them the following appearance .
Christmas tree from office paper
Turn over the fir tree blank to the other side and repeat all the steps.
 Office paper Christmas tree
Cutting corners of the future Christmas tree using scissors. As a result, we get a triangle with 8 folds (4 on each side).
 Herringbone from office paper
Take again the scissors and make transverse cuts on both sides, without reaching to the center line of our Christmas tree.
 Herringbone from office paper
It remains to perform folds on the cuts just made, for this we bend down,forming small triangles.
 Christmas paper from office paper
We do this on all 8 layers. Our Christmas tree from office paper is ready.
 Christmas tree made of office paper
Such a simple hand-made article can decorate not only the desktop. It can be made at home, attracting children to this exciting process.

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