Openwork kit - Crochet top and skirt

Openwork set - knit crochet openwork top and skirt. The knitted set is very beautiful and wonderful for summer walks.

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (100% cotton, 104 m / 50 g) 650 grams of blue;
  2. hook # 3.5.


  1. rev. - air loop;
  2. comp. Art. - connecting bar;
  3. Art. b / n - column without nakida;
  4. Art. c / n - double crochet.

Pattern Description

Main pattern:knit according to the scheme 1. Start each circular row with 3 degrees. instead of art. s / n and finish connection. Art. in the 3rd air. start.

Patterned stripe:(width 31, typeset loop) knit a chain of 31 vozd.p. + 3 airs lifting and knitting according to scheme 1. Replacing st. s / n of each row on 3 air. lifting. Repeat once with 1-3 rows, then 2-3 rows. &Nbsp;

Border:the number of loops is a multiple of 13 + 1 + 3 airs. the beginning. We knit according to scheme 2. Each circular row starting with 3 air. instead of art. s / n and loops before rapport, repeat rapport, finish connection. Art. in the last time. the beginning.Repeat 1 time with 1-3 round rows, 1 time 2-3 round rows, finish with 4-6 round rows.


Knitting description


We are knitting a chain of 31 events. + 3 airs lifting and knitting patterned strip. After 86 cm from the dial edge, we finish the work. Sew the short sides of the strip. Evenly we gather on the long edge (upper edge) of the strip 143 Art. b / n and knit the main pattern. At a height of 7 cm we divide work into the front and back, first we finish the back. For bevels, we leave 14 loops x 1 time on both sides in each row. &Nbsp;

At the height of the main pattern 21 cm, we finish the work on the remaining 44 loops. We finish before the back on 43 loops. Next, knit on the second long side of the 144 st. b / n, knit border. We finish the work in 12 cm. For the straps we knit 2 chains of air. 20 cm long and hook them to the top edge. We tie straps, armholes and neckline along 1 circular row of st. b / n and «stridestep» (item b / n from left to right).


We knit similarly to the top, but finish the work on the upper edge at the height of the main pattern of 12 cm. Tie a border like on the top, but repeat 1 time 1-3 rows, 4 times 2-3 rows, finish 4-6 rows (= 21.5 cm). For binding we knit a chain of goods.120 cm long, we tie it in one row of Art. b / n and pass through the top row of the skirt.

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