Organizer from the old window

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Today I’m happy to tell you how todo-it-yourselfthe organizer fromold window! This is a very light master class that will not take much time, but it will be very convenient to use and help you not to forget important things and dates.

What we need:

* Old window

* Corkboard

* Wire Mesh

* Plywood

* Clothespins

* Saw for cutting wood

* Cutting pliers

* Sharp knife

* Scraper

* Rubber Hammer

* Silicone Adhesive

Step 1:Carefully remove the glass from the window.

Step 2:Using a scraper, carefully clean the grooves where the glass stood.

Step 3:Measure, we extracted, the glass and cut these pieces of plywood from these sizes.

Step 4:Take our blanks, clean the dust and dirt, then paint them in matt black.

Step 5:Now we fasten our blanks from the plywood and cork to the places where the glass was previously located.

Step 6:Proceed to fasten the mesh. It is desirable to fasten the wire mesh from the back side of the window, after cutting the mesh to the size of the window. With the most possible tension, we fix the grid to the window.

Step 7:That's it! Now you need to find a suitable place for the organizer and enjoy.

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