Primrose hair clip / hair clip

This flower is made of organza. The hairpin consists of two colors connected together. She is big, beautiful.
 barrette hair clip from organza
To work on the barrette you will need: - organza and sparkles. - white organza. - soldering iron with a sharp tip. - ten beads with pearls. - floristic wire. - thin ribbon for decorating bouquets. - thread with a needle. - large hair clip-hair clip. - glue gun.
 shab petals for flower petals
First you need to prepare patterns for flower petals. We draw it in the form of a droplet, but at a wide edge we make a cut four cm long, and the drop itself is nine cm high and six cm wide. Take an organza and overlay one over the other. On the contour of the template hold a hot soldering iron, get double-sided petals.And such petals will need 24 pieces.
 patterns for petals of a flower
In order for the petals to be lush and voluminous, each one needs a cut of 4 cm bundled.
 attach a voluminous new shape
Give all 24 petals a voluminous new shape.
 read a voluminous new form
Now prepare two cuts of thin ribbon for flower bouquets of 50 cm, ten beads for pearls, two circles of thick white fabric with a diameter of 4 cm. Cut 10 pieces of floristic wire, ten cm long.
And we begin to create the middle of a flower. To do this, we cut out ten squares with sides of 7 x 7 cm from a brilliant organza.
 cut from shiny organza
Take alternately one square and begin to fold . First, fold the square from corner to corner in half.
 cut out of shiny organza
Then fold the triangle in half again,angles to each other, it turns out a small folded triangle.
 fold again in half
Add 5 squares this way. And now we put them on each other, grabbing the needle on the wide side of the triangle. You should get a ladder, where each next petal begins from the middle of the previous one.
 organza hairpin hairpin
Now we take and tighten all 5 petals together. We get a small flower of five triangles.
 barrette hair clip from organza
The time has come for stamens. We make them from wire and beads. We put a bead in the wire. We bend it in half and twist under the bead two edges of the wire together, we get stamens in five pieces per flower.  hair clip organza hair
 hairpin clip for hair from organza
Now, from 0.5 meters of thin ribbon we fold the ornament of three curls and fasten.And we make the same decoration from the second segment.
 hairpin clip for organza hair
We begin to collect flowers. First first. We take one circle of white cloth, divide it into four parts and put 4 points.
 hairpin clip for hair from organza
glue gun fasten the first four petals on these points.
 organza hair clip hairpin
Now we fix yet four petals of the second row, placing them in a chess pore relative to the first. We also glue the third row. At this stage, you will need to attach the decoration of their three curls.
 organza hairpin hairpin
While the glue dries, we fix five stamens in the middle of a small flower. It remains to glue this flower in the middle of a large one. The first flower is ready. Similarly, we do the second.
 organza hairpin hairpin
To complete the decoration you need a hair clip. hair clip organza hair We have two flowers on the clamp, directing the ornaments from the curls in opposite directions. And everything is glued on.
hair clip organza hair
And here is uk The decision from organza "Primrose" is ready.

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