Owl Cushion with Pocket

A bright, soft and functional pillow-owl will surely please your child, because you can play with it, sleep and even use it to store your phone, remote or pencils. To sew such a pillow you need three, combining in color and design type of cotton, fleece, sintepon or holofayber, felt, wooden buttons, as well as scissors, pencil, ruler and sewing machine.
Print the owl's pattern in two copies on an A3-size sheet.
 Print the pattern of the owl
Cut out all the pattern details from the fabric according to the legend. In this case, cut out the details of the torso from the checkered fabric.
 cut the trunk details
Cut out the details of the wings of red and checkered cotton, from white and red cloth into small peas cut pocket details. cut the details of the wings
 cut out the details of the pockets
From fabric to fabric with red polka dots, cut out the details of the legs.
cut the details of the legs
Eyes and beak cut from felt. Strengthen all cotton details from the seamy side of flizelin.
 reinforce details
This step can be neglected if thick cloth is used in the work. Prepare a pocket. To do this, fold both its details inwards and lay a straight line along one of the long sides.
Turn out and iron the detail, and then re-draw the decorative line.
make a decorative line
Spread one of the body parts inside out on the working surface. Put a pocket on it.
 put the pocket
With an interval of 7-10 cm, lay straight, perpendicular fold lines, stitches,thus combining a pocket with a torso and creating dividers for the remote and the phone. Zig-zag seam, sew the eyes, eyelids and beak of the owl.
 eyelids and beak owls
Now take the details of the wings. Lay them on the working surface with a picture inwards, put the ironed synthetic padding on top and lay along the perimeter of the wing, excluding only its base, a straight line.
 Spread out
Along the line, cut off the excess snip, unscrew and iron wing. Now, to fix the sintepon and give the wing additional rigidity, lay a straight or decorative line around the wing perimeter, retreating from the fold line 3 millimeters.
decorative line around the perimeter of the wing
Similarly collect the second wing. Secure the wings on the main part with tailor pins.
 Fasten the wings
Details of the legs fold face down to each other, lay a straight line along their perimeter,leaving a hole 5 cm wide for eversion.
 turning out
Turn out and iron the legs, and then tamp down with padding polyester and sweep them to the main part.
 tack to the main part
Cover the product with the second part of the body and lay a straight stitch around the perimeter, leaving an opening for inversion between the legs.
 turning hole
Turn and steal the workpiece. It remains only to fill the owl with a sintepon and close the hole with a secret seam.

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