Mint Jam

Mint Jam Mint Jam- Three ways to make mint jam. Mint jam is not only unusual and very pleasant to taste, but also beneficial for health: it helps with colds and stomach diseases. Cooking First method Ingredients: 250 g of mint leaves; 1 kg.

Wooden shelf

Wooden shelf Hand-made furniture has always pleased home craftsmen, especially if this furniture has found active use in everyday life. Not every master is able to make unique furniture, but almost everyone can do such a thing as a bathroom shelf. So first we.

Cards New Year's bags

Postcards "Christmas bags" 2015 quickly flew by and now it is nearing completion, and we are on the verge of a 2016 meeting. It's time to think about the gifts and start stocking them right from that moment. Mom, Dad, husband, daughter, sister, brother.

How to crochet a bat

How to crochet a bat October 31, we will celebrate Halloween! For now we will connect a small souvenir to this holiday. In this master class, we will crochet a bat on Halloween with step by step photos. This toy fits very quickly, and.

Merry Flower Paper

Merry Flower Paper Jolly Paper Flower- easy-to-make cute flowers, a master class is ideal for sharing creativity with children. Materials and tools: colored paper; stalk wire; scissors; pencil; glue; marker. Step 1 From the colored paper of yellow and orange color, we cut out.

Scrapbooking Album

Scrapbooking Album Among needlewomen, the popular direction isscrapbooking album, which uses a variety of materials and techniques to create. As a material for creating the album, you can use colored paper, photos, drawings, buttons and other small things. Everything will be envy solely from.

Crafts from shells

Crafts from shells Collecting shells on the sea beach, many of us don’t even know what beautiful handicrafts are made from seashells. So what can you make from seashells? • a panel; • The candlestick • beads; • shell wood; • photo frame or.

Spilled coffee

Spilled coffee Here you can play friends, acquaintances, colleagues on office. Imagine their shock when they see that a cup of hot coffee has spilled on their iphone! Naturally, the coffee in it is not real, it is not even liquid, but they will.


Stool A small wooden stool will be used in every home. With these chairs with great joy, children rush. Sitting on such a stool is convenient to clean the potatoes and perform other "sedentary" work. However, not many people decide to buy a small.

Merry Bunny

Merry Bunny Modular origami - very interesting, but at the same time a very simple hobby. It does not take much time, as a result, you can achieve great success. I would like to talk about how you can make a funny little rabbit.

Master class: burning wood

Master class: burning wood Very often we are forced to buy ordinary wooden furniture. This is an integral part of the life of any person. But often this furniture looks boring and mundane. This problem is fairly easy to solve with the help of.

Correct Foundation

Proper foundation To choose the right, you need to know well the features and type of their skin. To date, the choice of tonal resources is huge and diverse. Both dark-skinned and dark-skinned people, and those over 50 and twenty years old will find.

Wooden log houses

Wooden log houses Rounded or chopped log is a traditional material from which wooden houses are built, based on a wooden blockhouse. This building material is made from a solid wood massif. During processing, the logs are given an ideal cylindrical shape using milling.

Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers It is always very pleasant to give gifts to relatives and friends. Especially memorable are those gifts that leave behind a long memory and pleasant memories. Here, for example, you have gathered to go on a birthday, anniversary, or just to meet.


Seal Socks By the New Year, in order to please my daughter she tied her socks so warm. I chose a special nursery for the yarn so that it wouldn’t be pricked, it was warm and not thick, so that the sock would easily.

Paper Napkin Rose

Paper Napkin Rose A rose from a paper napkin A rose from a paper napkin A rose from a paper napkin, "Rose from paper napkin" title="Rose from paper napkin" can be made in a few minutes. Choosing the material for work, you need to.


Custard Pancakes Custard Crepesis a recipe. Ingredients: For pancakes: 500 ml of milk 200 g of flour 2 eggs; 2 tablespoons vegetable oil; 1 tbsp. sugar; 1 baking powder; salt; vanillin. For custard: 2.5 tbsp. milk; 3 tbsp. flour; 1 cup of sugar; 2.

Nut Monkey

Nut Monkey Talented needlewomen or craftsmen, of course, do not become, but are born. In creative natures, the feeling of colors, forms and textures is three times more developed than in ordinary people. However, if a creative gift is not developed, it does not.

Sweet Heart Box

Sweet box-heart In order to make an interesting craftwork - a box-box in the form of a heart for Valentine's Day, you will not need special skills, but only your desire and time. So, what we need: paper for quilling, plain white paper, plain.

Art Deco Mirror

Art Deco Mirror You can decorate the interior in the now fashionable and non-trivial art-deco style yourself, without having to buy expensive designer decor items. Exceptionally emphasize this luxurious mirror style. Art Deco is characterized by clear lines and the active use of 3.

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