Potato pizza

Potato pizza Potato pizzais a recipe. Ingredients: 700 g of chopped potatoes 2 eggs; 2 tablespoons flour; 3-4 cloves of garlic; salt, pepper; 3 tbsp. sour cream and 1 tsp. with a hill of Dijon mustard 200-250 grams smoked, hunting sausages; 2 medium onions;.

Benefits of Cola

What is a cola nut? Surely many people know and love the drink of Coca-Cola, but not everyone knows that its name owes much to the plant called the stake nut - an amazing evergreen tree, the fruits of which contain a lot of.

Soft toy

Soft toy Probably, each of us had a thought when choosing a gift, but what if this time to do something with your own hands? After all, such gifts are especially pleasant because they make them with a soul. Nbsp; Suchasofttoyisnotdifficulttomake,forthisweneed:fleeceofthreecolors(gre... MycatturnedouttobealittlemorethanA3format. Next,takethegreenfabric,folditsfacetofaceinward,andpintheneedlesonourp... Thepatternshouldbewellattachedtothefabric,otherwisewhencutting,thefabr....

Pocket BBQ

Pocket Brazier I present to your attention a homemade grill grill - an ideal solution for camping, mountaineering or tourism. It can easily fit in your pocket, in your backpack or bag. With this simple brazier, you can cook meat, vegetables or mushrooms on.

Alina rag doll

Alina rag doll Fabric dolls have their own special originality and warmth. My grandchildren prefer to play only rag dolls. The names of my dolls get from granddaughters. So this doll, while still naked, has already received its name - Alina. I will describe.

Clip Lush Daisy

Lush Daisy Clip Chamomiles are the most popular wildflowers, from which weave wreaths, guessing on petals, collected in bouquets. But unfortunately, they, like all natural flowers, quickly fade. But there is an opportunity to make a daisy with ribbons that will decorate your hair.

New Year's Snake

New Year Snake At one point, mankind became aware that some of the seemingly unsuitable things, you can make amazing creations. Quite often there are original products from plastic bottles, disposable dishes, newspapers or magazines. Take at least boxes of chocolate sweets. Inside they.

Indicator Paper

Indicator Paper A couple of years ago, I “bit off” packs of green onions from the store and ... slept for a week ... and when I woke up, I checked the rest of the product for nitrates. Was surprised by the fact that.

New Year's card

Christmas Tree Postcard Need an original handicraft in kindergarten or school, but time is running out? We will tell you how to make a fabulous postcard "Fir-tree" in a short time. Educators and teachers will be delighted! You will need: - colored paper of.

Epoxy Key Ring

Epoxy key ring A stunningly beautiful key chain or pendant can be made from ordinary wooden slats and epoxy resin. This simple technology will allow you to create an absolutely unique and magical thing that you just can not buy in stores. You will.

Decoupage Gift

Decoupage Gift It’s not so difficult to do an original thing using the decoupage technique. They all have unnecessary banks, and in fact if you make a little effort, this simple thing will become an exclusive gift. For creativity, you need a few materials.

Pampers Cake

Pampers Cake Do you want to please young parents with a useful gift that also looks bright and stylish? Then make a cake for them from diapers. Indeed, unlike soft toys that will gather dust on the shelves for a long time, the baby.

Mini Scales

Mini scale Today, in the morning, I had the idea to create a mini scale so that you can start from 1g. I began to look for different junk around the apartment from which they could have been stuck, means we need a soldering.


Knit Knitting Most modern types of clothing are characterized by simplicity, ease and convenience, but, unfortunately, not by originality. In order to stand out from the crowd and not be like others, you can do needlework at your leisure.Knittingis a budget and the best.

Pompom mat

Pompom mat Everyone wants to have in their home beautiful, cozy and practical things, and if they are also made by your hands, then this is simply magical. Add in your space such a nice little thing, like a rug made of pompons. They.


Cockerel Hello, dear readers. I will tell you today how to make a cute rooster out of scrap materials that can attract the attention of your child, and the child will be able to play with this toy while you are busy. To make.

Replacing the ceiling wiring

Replacing ceiling wiring Anyone who has come across the replacement of electrical wiring in an apartment building knows that the most difficult thing is to replace it in the floor slabs, where it passes to supply voltage to the ceiling lights and chandeliers. This.

Marble Envelope Paper

Marble Envelope Paper Marble paper for envelopes- a master class, we create with our own hands the effect of marble on paper - "marble paper". Materials and tools: paper; shaving foam; toothpicks; Acrylic paints. Step 1 Take a plate (another container), pour shaving foam.

Wedding Bottle-Groom

Bridegroom's Wedding Bottle We bring to your attention a master class on creating such a fiance from a bottle of champagne.

Halloween for kids

Halloween Holiday for Children How to spend Halloween with children? Ideas, contests, crafts and home decoration for Halloween usually falls on the shoulders of parents, if the children have not reached adolescence. But all the pre-holiday efforts pay off handsomely when delight and joy.

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