Music Card

Music Card The best gift, as you know, is the one that you made yourself with your own hands. That which will be described in this article is distinguished by its originality and will long delight the one to whom you want to give.

Toy Turtle

Toy Turtle Feng shui turtle is considered a symbol of longevity, wisdom, protection and health. Turtle — forward motion symbol. The most important advantage of this talisman is that it attracts good luck, makes a higher standard of living, helps to perfectly solve all.

Soft toy - giraffe

Soft toy - giraffe Children always need a lot of toys. Since babies are not able to show interest in one thing for a long time, parents often have to invent new ways to maintain their attention. Otherwise, children will start to be interested.

3D glasses

3D glasses The front disc cover should be enough for one pair of glasses. 1.Takeasquarepieceandplaceitforafewsecondsinveryhotwater.Thiswillsofte... 2.Thentakearedmarkerandevenlypainttheleftovalofyour3Dglassesandtheblue....

Reed blinds

Reed blinds Spring is coming. Sometimes too sunny a window gives us inconvenience - a bright light hurts the eyes or overheats the workplace too much. It is not always convenient to use curtains. Our blinds will save space, fit into the window opening.

Cherry Pie

Sweet Cake Sweet cherry pieis a recipe. Ingredients: 300 grams of flour (for dough); 200 g margarine or butter (for baking); 100 grams of sugar; 1 egg 1 tsp. baking powder; 400 gr of cherry (for filling); 500 grams of cottage cheese 9% fat.

Thread Shade

Thread lamp shade What can I do on a long winter night? You can lie on the couch with a remote control and seeds or popcorn, watch interesting movies on TV. You can chat with friends and just good acquaintances on the Internet, or.

Paper Kitten

Paper Kitten It is easy to make such cute kittens. Look at the photo, repeat each action and after 20 minutes you will have a kitten on paper on the shelf. And even two. The most difficult thing in the craft - to figure.

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