What does a dry nose mean?

What does a dry nose mean for a pet? The nose of a cat or dog is an incredibly complex and effective “tool” of an animal that helps him not only to orient himself in the outside world, but also is a kind of.

How to store shoes: 7 ways

How to store shoes: 7 ways The issue of shoe storage is always relevant: for shopaholics “centipedes” and for ascetics who are tied to one favorite pair. Since we live in Russia, we need somewhere to keep shoes that we wear daily, and somewhere.

Professional lock opening

Professional lock opening The lodgers changed the lock in my own apartment, they don’t answer the phone calls! Documents that prove ownership are in my hands. Tell me, please, are there any services in Krasnogorsk that will help me get into my own apartment.

Hanger in STAR WARS style

Hanger in STAR WARS style Today I would like to tell you about an unusual and beautiful coat hanger that will appeal to all Star Wars fans and not only. It is done in the technique of string art. This type of art is.

How to make a crow out of paper

How to make a crow out of paper Acquaintance with birds in children begins at preschool age. Crow is found in fairy tales, stories. The kid sees these birds in the street. And if the child is already familiar with the skills of origami.

How to learn to do a flip forward, back, sideways

How to learn to do flips forward, backward, sideways How to do flips How to learn to do flips Flip in Italian means jump, in acrobatics this term is called a jump with a coup body. This trick is considered the most effective and.

Pink sundress with ruffles

Pink sundress with ruffles We knit a bright, beautiful sarafan with frills crocheted from pink yarn. Materials and tools: Yarn (50% cotton, 50% viscose staple, 430m / 100gr) 700g of pink color; hook number 2. Pattern Size: 38-40 Pattern Description Knitting description We start.

A fun toy for your child

Fun toy for your child Children love to play, and especially if the toy seems to have disappeared from the drawing that the kid has just painted. It is not difficult to put the drawn characters into life, and it gives your child a.

Felt Christmas Tree Toys

Felt Christmas Tree Toys We sew a Christmas tree decoration in the form of one of the symbols of the New Year -Fir-tree. Materials and tools: white and red felt filler (sintepon) scissors; red thread and needle; ribbon, twine. Step 1 We draw a.

What is a poem

What is a poem? Olga Reznik March 20, 2013 Those who ask themselves what is called a poem can be answered simply: a poem is the same poem, only a large one. Immediately make a reservation: the poem is also called the epic.

We knit a warm set for a one-year-old baby

We knit a warm set for a one-year-old baby We knit a warm set for a one-year-old baby:jacket, pants and cap. In it, your baby will be warm and cozy. Materials and tools: yarn (25% wool-75% acrylic, 170m / 100g) 1-2 skeins; Needle No.

Pin Clip Blooming Tulips

Pin "Blooming tulips" Jewelery in the form of flowers give a woman a special charm, femininity and appeal. But thanks to different types of needlework, each craftswoman can make herself an ornament according to her own taste and preference. To make such a flower.

Decorating the Violet Mood

Decorating the phase "Violet mood" Vases are in any house, they perfectly complement the interior, and also serve their intended purpose. If you are a fan of exclusive accessories, and besides do not mind doing them yourself, this master class on creating a vase.

How to choose a fashionable dress jacket

How to choose a fashionable dress jacket? If you have long dreamed of updating your wardrobe, then you definitely need a stylish and trendy thing. Several seasons in a row in the trend of the original dress jacket. Deciding to buy such a model.

A stylish notepad for a man

Stylish notepad for a man Notepad is a great option for recording current questions, new ideas, interesting suggestions. Many people prefer to have a notebook near their hand. How to make a notebook was not only comfortable, but also looked beautiful? I propose to.

We knit socks with Owl pattern

We knit socks with Owl pattern Knit with socks with Owl pattern. Socks are not only warm, but also very beautiful thanks to the original pattern. Materials and tools: yarn of about 370 m (75% supervosh, 25% nylon); spins 2.75 mm and 2.5 mm.

3 reasons to choose a ladder on the bridge

3 reasons to choose a ladder on the stairs When you design the inter-floor message, you must consider the features of the interior and room layout. Choosing high-tech style as a design solution, many owners of houses, cottages and apartments prefer staircases on the.

Common fate: is it so bad to work at night

Owl fate: is it so bad to work at night? Being an owl is very difficult. Owls, as a rule, are very sensitive to human sleep, and therefore will never wake the sleeper with their nightly walkings around the apartment. What can not be.

Replacing the screwdriver batteries

At one point, when I got my screwdriver from the pantry, I discovered that it was not working. Batteries were discharged, the first thing I thought, and put the screwdriver on charge. But as soon as I connected the charger to the battery, it.

How to connect a wireless mouse

How to connect a wireless mouse? Ildar Yunusov July 30, 2014 A wireless computer mouse is not only high-tech, but also a very convenient device. Included with the wireless mouse are usually also available: adapter (receiver) with USB interface; driver disk; user's manual. First.

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