Pen Shocker

Handle Shocker For the manufacture of the handle-shocker, we need Lighter with a piezo element. Ballpoint pen. Hot glue. Wooden stick. Tool:pliers, clerical knife. Making a handle-shocker So, let's disassemble the lighter and get the piezoelement. This is how it looks. Posting is an.

Witch doll

Witch doll In the modern world of needlework there are a lot of different areas of manufacturing things, household items, toys, etc. own hands. Now it is fashionable to sew Tild dolls. But, unfortunately, our Old Slavic beregaine dolls were completely unfairly forgotten! They.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear I present to you the step-by-step process of making a moving toy of paper "Bear". The master class will be useful for primary school teachers, kindergarten teachers, young parents who have a small child. She will seem to the child interesting because.

Rose Bead

Rose Bead All girls love flowers. Unfortunately, the flowers live pretty quickly. They are replaced by artificial ones. But even they can not permanently keep their appearance perfect. And it is not customary to give artificial flowers - this is a bad tone. But.


# 60 60 Inspiring industrial style apartments Decor, Workshop, Interior The first industrial designers appeared even in theXVIIIcentury inEngland, which is primarily due to the work of Josiah Wedgwood. The definition of"industrial design"appeared in1919year, thanks to the architect from Germany, Walter Gropius, who founded.

How to choose a lock for the front door

How to choose a lock for the front door When choosing a lock for the front door you need to avoid the principle of expensive means reliable. Although manufacturers claim otherwise, there are no locks that provide absolute security. They can differ only in.

Stretch ceilings without difficulty

Stretch ceilings without difficulty Creating even the simplest coverage requires a responsible attitude to this process. It is important not only to know what color of the surface you want to use, but also what features of textures, material and coating options there are.

Papier Mache Christmas Balls

Papier Mache Christmas Balls The approach of the New Year holidays makes us think about how to organize a decent farewell of the old and the New Year. In our family, first of all, it was decided to update outdated and not very nice.

A simple metal can organizer

A simple metal can organizer Making an ordinary metal can and fabric is apretty and easy-to-make organizer. A great way to get rid of scraps of tissue and jars. Materials and tools: metal (tin); fabric; glue; Roulette. Step 1 Starting with measuring banks: measure.

Travel to the world of comfort with the editor Planoplan

Travel to the world of comfort with the editor Planoplan Computer technology is attracting users into the future with leaps and bounds - what used to be simply impossible, has become commonplace today. So, if quite recently, consumers needed the services of a professional.

Banana Top Ten. How can I use the skin

Banana Top Ten. How can I use the skin? The yard has long been the twenty-first century, and it seems to us that we already know everything. To eat, we have spoons and forks, hats with earflaps were created to protect the head from.

Winter fun pictures for kids

Winter fun pictures for kids There is nothing more fun and exciting than winter fun - pictures for children demonstrate how many different activities can be invented on the street in this cold season, which is called winter. A warm winter day is a.

We embed a pass in the phone

We embed a pass in the phone Today, a very large number of people use contactless passes: at enterprises, in a dormitory, etc. This pass is also called a “tag”. Some of the most common RFID passes are with an operating frequency of 125.

Chicken in cheese with sauce

Chicken in cheese and sauce Chicken in cheese with sauceis a recipe for chicken in cheese. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 chicken chops; 1 tsp dried thyme; 1 tsp dried oregano; 450 grams of marinara sauce; 220 grams of grated mozzarella; 1 French.

Decoupage champagne bottles

Decoupage champagne If you want to decorate your holiday table or if you want to make an original and inexpensive gift, then pay attention to this master class. We hope it will seem informative and interesting to you. Today we suggest you do decoupage.

IR receiver for the company

IR receiver for the company. WinLIRC allows you to control Windows-based applications with virtually any remote control from a VCR or TV. Only here something our Russian consoles (from Horizon) pumped up, and even some models from Panasonic - they have a carrier frequency.

Postcard on March 8 in kindergarten

Postcard on March 8 in kindergarten Postcards for March 8 in kindergarten with great pleasure make all without exception kids. Still would! After all, this gift is intended for the dearest and most important person in their life - MOMA. The postcard for mother.

How to dress a full girl in winter

How to dress a full girl in the winter? How to dress a full girl in the winter? Winters can be completely different: snowy or rainy, fabulous or gray. But regardless of this, the winters in our region are equally low in temperature. Winter.

String art - paintings from nails and threads

String art - paintings from nails and threads String artis a very interesting trend in art that is becoming popular again. With the help of decorative carnations, a hammer and threads you can create incredibly beautiful patterns, inscriptions, drawings and even paintings. It all.

How to make a dog with your own hands

In accordance with the Eastern calendar, the upcoming 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. This animal is characterized by kindness, special intelligence, caution, generosity, the ability to carefully plan their affairs and achieve their goals. This article presents 15 master classes.

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