Ultrasonic Fog Generator

Ultrasonic Fog Generator I don’t argue, you could buy a ready-made ultrasonic humidifier more quickly, but I had a spare part for me that it came out by itself. In the article I will show how and from what I made it, and at.

Back quiver for arrows

Back quiver for arrows Materials and tools: PVC pipe (wide from 10 cm in diameter); fabric (of your choice); pieces and stripes of leather; needle and sewing thread; nylon belt (from a briefcase, equipment or buy in a sports shop) board; fabric glue and.

Eva Luna knitting jacket

Eva Luna Jacket with knitting needles Knit elegant knitting with elegant detailsEva Luna Jacketwith a shawl collar consists of several lace patterns. Materials and tools: 550-600-650-700-750-850 grams of gray-violet color (100% wool, 50g / 100m); straight and circular needles (80 cm) No. 4; 6.

Japanese Landscape Garden

Japanese Landscape Garden Those who have once seen the beauty of a Japanese garden have forever remembered its charm, mystery, charm and harmony, which nature gives and stunning designer landscape solutions. This work of art as if wraps you with silence and lures you.

Tunic with short sleeves

Tunic with short sleeves Tie a very beautifulShort sleeved tunic with knitting needles. Materials and tools: yarn (50% polyacryl, 40% wool, 10% angora, 17 m / 50g) 300-300-350 g; Circular needles No. 4-5, 80 cm long. Pattern Dimensions: 36 / 38-40 / 42-44 /.

How to make a paper swan

How to make a swan out of paper? Watch the video How to make a swan out of paper? Paper airplanes no longer surprise your children? Well, let's make a more complicated toy - a swan. In this article we will look at two.

Why is the pet coughing

Why is the pet coughing? If the pet began to cough, it will certainly alert and make the owner worry. The causes of this symptom may be different, as are the methods of treatment. How does the cough develop? Why, in general, does a.

Candle-lamp from a lamp

Candle-lamp from a lamp Materials and tools: incandescent lamp wick (for example cotton laces); metal bottle cap big puck; 2 small magnets; drill (or nail, awl), drill; Scotch; kerosene and lamp oil Step 1 Take a light bulb and sort it out: using a.

Home-made cheese Cheese

Homemade Cheese Homemade cheese, the process of which is completely in the hands of the hostess from scratch, is sometimes much better than cheese from the store with its not very useful additives and the "secrets" of production. You will be surprised, but at.

Weaving Rainbow Baubles

Weaving the "Rainbow" bauble The day of the Rainbow baubles, as for any other, we will need multicolored threads of muline. In our case, these are the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and violet. We cut off a piece.

Flexible radio receiver

Flexible radio beacon Recently, the hands of an old mobile phone in an inoperative condition. As a result, it was disassembled for parts. From the eye did not slip an interesting shape with smd components. As a result, without hesitation I decided to make.

Creative Christmas Tree

Creative Christmas Tree As you know, the main decoration in the house for the New Year holiday is the Christmas tree. Today I offer to make a creative Christmas tree - a green beauty from wool. To make this craft, you will need special.

Postcard-tunnel My love

Postcard-tunnel "My Love" A postcard is an open letter with a beautiful drawing on one side and a text message on the other. Previously, all postcards were standard, only the images were different. Now these paper products have become even more colorful, because homemade.

How to forget a husband

How to forget a husband? When the relationship reached the extreme point of rupture and the beloved man leaves you, it is such a difficult test that sometimes you do not even want to live. But over time, you realize that life, with the.

Postcard Beloved Mother

Beloved Mom's Postcard There are a lot of reasons in the year to congratulate your mother. This is her birthday, March 8, Mother's Day, professional holiday or New Year. Even a holiday or occasion is not important, and the most important thing is that.

How to choose furniture

How to choose furniture? The choice of not only beautiful, but also the right furniture is a very serious matter, which requires taking full account of many factors, the main of which is the overall interior design. Consider how to choose the right furniture.

Knitting openwork scarf

Knitting openwork scarf Knit a scarf with an openwork pattern, which not only looks great, but also warms you in cold weather. The master class is suitable for beginner needlewomen, because has a simple pattern and a detailed description. Materials and tools: 4 skeins.

Autumn crafts to school

Autumn crafts to school Making such autumn crafts in the school, we will make a certain variety in the educational process and develop interest in children for classes. So, proceed. Autumn crafts for school In order to make such autumn crafts for the school.

How to drill a bearing

How to drill a bearing Hello everybody! I decided to show the test carbide drill, which can be purchased at about $ 1. In the people it is known as a "feather" (feather drill) and was originally intended for drilling tiles and tiles. In.

Magic transformer wand

Transforming Magic Wand Almost all children love to make and most often their crafts are made of paper. Particularly interesting to the child will be engaged in creativity, if the result is a toy-transformer. This is exactly our magic wand, the production of which.

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