Vamp Style Long Earrings

Vamp Style Long Earrings Every girl should feel unique and attractive. To do this, she must take care of herself, cultivate herself and use attention-grabbing details in her image. Earrings are one of those accessories that are used both in everyday fashion and in.

Do-it-yourself wood garden chair

Do-it-yourself wood garden chair Materials To make a garden chair, you will need a trimmed pine board 25-30 mm thick and 140 mm wide. Also for the manufacture of lintels need a wooden bar 5050 mm. These parts can be made from the board.

DIY card for September 1

DIY postcard for September 1 Postcard with a maple leaf of paper For a card with a maple leaf, we need to make maple leaves from paper. You can simply cut out a piece of colored paper, or fold it using origami technique. How.

Decorative arrangement of branches

Decorative arrangement of branches During the last subbotnik, in order to combine business with pleasure, I gathered dry branches. I had the idea to paint branches in snake color and make of them a decorative composition for the upcoming year of the Snake. As.

How to quickly grow hair

How to quickly grow hair? Watch the video How to quickly grow hair? Long and well-groomed hair is considered one of the most striking indicators of female beauty. That is why most women sooner or later visit the desire to grow long hair. In.


HOW TO MAKE A BED WITH A GASK? Amazing lawn bed in your yard. Master Class Crafts, Decor, Workshop, Furniture, Garden, Cheap Many people like to rest lying on the grass under the warm rays of the sun. Why not embody these desires in.

How to increase the range of Wi-Fi laptop

How to increase the range of a Wi-Fi laptop I had an old netbook that was almost ten years old. And for all the time of its operation, I experienced a little discomfort, since it was very bad at catching Wi-Fi. I didn’t betray.

Decoration of a bracelet

Dressing a bracelet This master class will graphically demonstrate how to make an elegant, colorful and bright mosaic on an ordinary and unsightly bracelet from an egg-shell. The decoration made in this technique will certainly underline your uniqueness. Materials for work: - bracelet 4-5.

Crown for the Snow Queen

Crown for the Snow Queen To make the crown of the Snow Queen we need the following materials: - foam rubber - ballon with silver paint - knife cutting - needle silver sequins - white acrylic paint - silver satin ribbon - large beads.

Do-it-yourself Brooch Dry Felting

Do-it-yourself Brooch {Dry Felting} Just look at these amazing sleeping dogs! What a beauty, isn't it? And you can do them yourself, guided by a master class on dry felting fromYana Estrina So, for work we need: - paralon - needles for valnia.

Roll with ham and cheese

Roll with ham and cheese Roll with ham and cheese - a recipe for rolls. Ingredients: Armenian lavash 1-2 pieces; cream cheese 1 tbsp. l; lettuce 1 sheet; White cabbage; carrot; tomato 1 pc; ham 2 slices; chicken breast; salt and pepper. Cooking Boil.

How to cook air meringue

How to make an air meringue? Preparation of meringue will take about two hours, but it is best to leave the meringue to dry for another day. If the meringue is properly dried, then the core of the meringue is dry and non-sticky, it.

Topiary Nutty Tenderness

Nutty tenderness topiary In any house there are materials from which you can make the original topiary. This tree is created from a piece of old jeans, a piece of old tulle, nuts and a piece of jute. All together merged into a single.

How to make a box in the bathroom

How to make a box in the bathroom When repairing plumbing often there is a need to close cast-iron sewer pipes, which look, to put it mildly, not in the best way. One of the most acceptable options is the installation of a box.

Knitted Booties Slippers

Knitted Booties Slippers We knit beautiful and cutebooties slippersfor a little princess who will be a great addition to any outfit. Booties knit simply and suitable for novice needlewomen. Materials and tools: 30 g of pink and gray yarn (100% wool or acrylic), 25.

Simple Audio Transmitter

Simple Audio Transmitter This transmitter showed good quality of the transmitted music, so I recommend starting with this circuit. As practice has shown, an assembled generator on a single transistor cannot, stand in one place, without an additional cascade, the frequency constantly goes away.

Knitted Carmen swimsuit

Carmen's knitted swimsuit Carmen’s separate swimsuit- we crochet a bright separate swimsuit to go to the beach. Materials and tools: yarn (92% microfiber, 8% stretch, 400 m / 100 g) - 150 g red; hook number 1.5; black yarn for tying rings cups for.

Wellness Children's Town

Wellness Children's Town After the construction of a private house, trimming metal pipes, profiles and boards remained. This material served for the installation of a recreational town with sports equipment, a sandpit and swings. According to the prepared sketch of the town, taking into.

Grandma's Pancake Recipe

Grandma's Pancake Recipe Grandma's Pancake Recipeis a classic pancake recipe. Ingredients: 200-250 grams of wheat flour; 250 ml of low-fat milk (room temperature); 150-200 ml of water; 2 medium eggs; 1 tbsp. l. sugar; pinch of salt; olive / sunflower oil for frying. Cooking.

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