Painting in the technique of "pysanka"

Made with their own hands, bright and beautiful traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs are a wonderful gift for Easter. In addition, with their help, you can decorate the house on the eve of the holiday: for this you can put ready-made pysanki in baskets or hang on willow twigs. In order to make a painted egg with your own hands, the following things are needed: a candle, wax (you can take both special black and bee), a pencil, a lighter, brushes, aniline or specialized paints, as well as eggs themselves, blown and dried.
Painting in technique "pysanka"
So, we take one egg and with the help of a pencil we draw on it the main lines, along which we will then orient ourselves when applying the pattern. The number and location of these lines depends on the pattern, but for this Easter egg we only need to divide the front and back of the egg into four parts.
Painting in the technique of "pysanka"
Then take the brush and slowly heat it over the candle flame, then put a small piece of wax in it and first of all seal the hole through which the egg was blown - if this is not done, then paint will fall inside; then we begin to apply the pattern.
Painting in engineering "pysanka"
The pattern should be applied carefully, periodically warming the brush over the fire so that the wax flows smoothly onto the surface. After the pattern is applied to both sides of the egg, you can start painting.
Painting in engineering "pysanka"
First we drop the egg into a yellow dye (I use special paints for pysankas, but an alternative can be aniline dyes for wool).
Painting in engineering "pysanka"
Now we put on the surface of the eggs the following fragments of the pattern and paint it first with orange and then red.It should be remembered that when coloring an egg it is necessary to go from lighter shades to dark ones, so the color scheme of the egg must be thought out in advance.
Painting in engineering "pysanka" >
We do the finishing touches with wax: we draw the flower-points and fill the wax elements of the "wings", after which we paint the pysanka in the final black color.
Painting in technique "pysanka" >
With the tip of the cyst, print the egg so that it does not explode when heated, and then bring it to the candle flame and melt the applied wax, erasing it a rag. At this stage it is necessary to take special care not to spoil the already finished work: firstly, it is impossible to heat the egg too much so that it does not explode; secondly, it is impossible to deposit an egg in the upper part of the flame so that the pattern is not smoked.
Painting in technique "pysanka"
Everything, beautiful and original pysanka is ready!
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