Picture in the technique of izoit "Birds in the sun"

Technique isonit allows you to create very unusual images. Moving the thread in a given direction, you can embroider such an amazing picture that you just can’t tear off your eyes. For those who can sew, the creation of something beautiful in this kind of creativity is not a problem. But even if you have never worked with thread and needle, you should try to create something elementary with the help of this fascinating handicraft technique. Today you will learn all the secrets of making the picture “Birds in the Sun”, and step-by-step photos will help you in mastering the techniques embroidery on cardboard. To work you need to collect such materials: - a sheet of black cardboard; - compasses; - a simple pencil; - a ruler; - an awl; - needle; - threads of yellow and white color. We take a color cardboard of a dark shade. It is best to use black, and dark blue and rich purple are also excellent.
 Painting in the technique of izonit
On the back (not color) side of the cardboard draw a circle ,best done with a compass. If there is no such tool in your house, then you can use a plate or any other round shape as a stencil. Next, draw a part from the rectangular base to make a square.
 Painting in technology to isolate
Throughout the ring we draw points at a distance of 8-10 mm and in the center we represent the points and lines of two birds.

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