A picture on a gramophone

For a long time I kept my favorite records, carried them with me even during my travels. But still there is nothing to listen to them, and the hand does not rise. So I decided to give some of them a second life and turn them into paintings.
Painting on a gramophone record
For such a picture you will need: Shellac, Small wood shavings or paper napkins, PVA glue, Gypsum, Pencil, Brushes are different, Acrylic primer, Paints (gouache / acrylic).
The picture on the record
Just paint the record - trite. I wanted to give my future picture volume. To do this, wood chips are mixed with glue and using the resulting mass creates a three-dimensional pattern. It is more convenient to work already on a contour outlined by a pencil. What it will be for the picture is up to you. It can be a famous reproduction (like me) or your owncreativity.
Painting on the record
Initially, I used as a glue paste, cooked from flour. But such glue was not suitable for vinyl and partially peeled off with chips. Therefore, it is better to take PVA. Chopping can be replaced with napkins or toilet paper - from glue-impregnated paper, too, is a three-dimensional drawing.
The picture on the record
When the glue with the chips / paper dries, we still have vinyl gaps. Since I was going to use gouache for painting, it became necessary to cover the entire surface of the plate with water diluted with gypsum. Diluted to a liquid state and painted with a wide brush. Ideally, the dried gypsum still needs to be impregnated with an acrylic primer - the paint on such a surface will lie down easily and smoothly.
Painting on the Phonograph
A dry prepared gramophone can be painted. The work will look more solid if you use acrylic paints.But in the absence of those, ordinary gouache will do. .jpg "alt =" A picture on a record "title =" A picture on a gramophone ">
 Picture on a record
Painting on the record
Beginning with background, then move on to large objects and, at the very least, draw small details. Due to the hole in the center of the plate, the finished picture can be easily hung on a small carnation in the wall.
 Painting on a record

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