Paper baskets (boxes)

Materials and tools:

  1. newspapers, magazines, etc .;
  2. stapler;
  3. clothespin.

Step 1

We make strips for weaving. We will cut paper strips 5–6 cm wide and 35–40 cm long. Fold the strip in half, and then fold the edges inward and smoothly.

Step 2

Start weaving the bottom of the basket. Take 2 strips, mark the middle and put them in a cross. "From them," we proceed to weaving, adding new strips and weaving them "in a checkerboard pattern." The bottom of the basket should be square. When the bottom is ready, fasten it to the corners with a stapler. At the bottom, we draw a diamond (see Fig.) And bend the edges along a drawn rum.

Step 3

Divide the stripes, start weaving from the corner first from the central stripes. When the "first step" is made at one corner, fasten it with a paper clip and go to the next one (see picture).

Step 4

When the lower part of the walls is ready, then the weaving will go easier, the strips are simply interlaced with each other “in a staggered manner” until the desired length is obtained.

At the end of the strip bend into the basket and "woven" into the wall.A paper basketis ready.

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