Wish paper cake

Paper cake with wishes- we make a very beautiful gift package in the form of a cake consisting of pieces. This cake can congratulate several people at once, putting inside a sweet surprise and wishes.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored paper and colored cardboard;
  2. pencil and ruler;
  3. scissors;
  4. glue.


Step 1

First we make a stencil. We print or transfer the template onto thick paper or cardboard with a pencil and ruler and cut it out.

Next, using a stencil, we make from the colored cardboard the necessary number of blanks for pieces of cake. Cut and glue.

Step 2

Let's start decorating the cake - make flowers.

Cut the circles out of colored paper, then cut them in a spiral. We fold the spirals into beautiful roses and fix with glue.

Cut out green leaves and put roses on them.

Step 3

We will cut out beautiful pieces of paper from colored paper and write wishes on them that can be put inside or glued onto pieces of cake.

In conclusion, we put inside the pieces of cake gifts and glue the leaves with congratulations. We collect the pieces together and tie them with a ribbon. Everythingpaper cakeis ready.

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