Paper herringbone

Crafts for the New Year in the kindergarten should be a snap - such that most of the work a child could do it yourself, and adults take in this process only a minimal part

You can make crafts out. paper, using various auxiliary materials - for example, cardboard cylinders from toilet paper. Taking one such cylinder as a base, using a green paper sheet, golden glitters and shiny markers, you can literally make an elegant Christmas tree-accordion in an hour.

 Herringbone-Folding paper

Paper herringbone

What we need to do:

First, the cylinder is cut from two opposite sides with a sharp stationery knife; we bring the incision approximately to the middle of the cylinder height. Then the green sheet is folded with a small harmonica and bent in half.

 Making the paper accordion and adds

Make accordion paper and fold

The edges of this fold are glued together to form a paper fan.We carefully insert this fan into the cuts that were made in the cylinder. The basis for our crafts for the New Year is ready - we have a wonderful Christmas tree in front of us.

At its top we glue a bright yellow star. You can decorate the top with a bow - at your discretion.

 Insert the harmonica into the cylinder and decorate with an asterisk

Insert the harmonica into the cylinder and decorate with an asterisk

And we cover the surface of the Christmas tree with bright golden sparkles. They can be of different shapes and sizes; it will be easier to glue large sparkles than small ones, and if you work with small sparkles, you can simply cover the paper with a layer of transparent glue and sprinkle them on top.

It only remains to decorate the barrel - we draw wavy stripes on it with a golden shiny marker . You can decorate the trunk differently - for example, to glue it with gold foil (to match the sparkles). But you will need to do this before you cut the cylinder and insert a paper crown into it.

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