Paper Kitten

How to make a cat out of paper
It is easy to make such cute kittens. Look at the photo, repeat each action and after 20 minutes you will have a kitten on paper on the shelf. And even two. The most difficult thing in the craft - to figure out how to make ears. And the rest of the work will be handled even by the preschooler. So, let's get started. The square sheet of paper folded diagonally. Deploy. Starting from the corner through which the fold passes, bend the two sides of the sheet to the middle.
 How to make a kitten
Make a piece of paper in half by joining opposite corners.
How to Kotnka
Bend the sides inwards so that the crafts below have right angles.
 How to make a kit
Make a cat tail. To do this, bend the right side of the craft down, as shown in the photo.
 How to make a kitten
Bend the tail again and turn it so thatto fold inside.
 How to make a cat
Hide the upper part of the tail on both sides inwards.
 How to make a kitn
You will get this kind of detail here.
 How to make a kitten
Open the tail and bend it upwards. Fold the work together again.
 How to make a cat
Make the cat a muzzle by bending the tip of the" nose "inwards.
 How to make kitty
Make a cat's paws, bending the sheet along the intended folds outwards. Then the cat's face will be visible.
 How to make a kitt
Correct cat ears and a tail. And so that he was not bored, make him a friend - a black cat.
 How to make a kitten
How to make a kitten

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