Paper Stripe Christmas Ball

Simple to make, but no less beautifulChristmas-tree decoration made of paper strips. New Year's master class is perfect for joint work with children.

Materials and tools:

  1. multicolored paper;
  2. pencil and ruler;
  3. scissors;
  4. 2 beads;
  5. thread and needle.

Step 1

We take colored paper and cut it into strips 9–10 cm long and 1–1.5 cm wide. A total of 18 strips should turn out — 9 white and 9 orange.

Draw on paper two circles with a diameter of 2 cm and cut it out.

Step 2

We are threading a double thread into a needle and threading one bead and one circle on a string. We take paper strips and fold them in half.

We fold the stripes alternating colors: white, orange, white, etc. We string the strips on a thread, first we thread the thread through one strip, then through the other. At the end we string the second circle and the bead.

Stringing a thread first circle, and then all the stripes in the desired order (alternating colors, for example).

We also string the stripes from their opposite end on the same thread.

At the end, we string the circle and tie a knot (a couple can be), and then string the second bead (here you can also tie a knot).

Straighten the strips, that they would be overlapped. Make a loop and cut off the remaining end of the thread.

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