Pasta Painting

Do you still use pasta exclusively for soups and side dishes? And in vain! This product is perfect for creativity. This master class will turn your understanding of pasta. You will learn how to make of them a big picture that fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen. If you are interested in the idea, then rather prepare everything necessary for its implementation.
 Pasta picture
  • - a piece of thick cardboard or hardboard;
  • - burlap section;
  • - heat gun;
  • - pasta of various sizes and shapes;
  • - a tube of universal glue (preferably PVA).
First, prepare the foundation for a future masterpiece. To do this, take a piece of cardboard (hardboard). The size of it can be anything, it all depends on your preferences. The optimal value is 35 cm by 45 cm.
 Pasta picture
Then take a piece of ordinary burlap and cut it to the size of the cardboard base.Do not forget to make an allowance of 2.5 cm on each side.  Pasta painting
Using a thermo-gun, glue the fabric to the base, tightly pulling it from all>First fix the side pieces.  Pasta pattern Then glue the upper and lower burlap allowances. Make sure that the corners are smooth and at the same time stretched well.  Pasta picture The foundation is ready! Burlap looks very textured. If you do not like this material, then pick up linen or calico fabric. The main condition - the material should be monophonic. A picture of pasta Now, select the pasta of different shapes and sizes. You will definitely need long spaghetti, thin and thick spirals, shells, castors, scallops and horns.
 Pasta painting
Apply PVA glue to the substrate.Let it be chaotic strokes resembling a whirlwind.
 Pasta picture
Spread out a handful of long spaghetti in the shape of a fan and lightly press it with your hands to grip it.
Picture of pasta
If in some places pasta is not fixed, you can apply a little glue I'm above. After drying, it will not be visible.
 Pasta painting
Then take 5 thin long macaroni and put them on 2-3 horns.
Pasta painting
Glue these blanks on a spaghetti fan.  Pasta painting Next, make flowers using wheels for the middle and thick spirals for the petals.  Pasta painting It should make 5 lush flowers.
 Pasta picture
Shape stems from thin spirals.
Pasta painting
And leaves of rounded horns.
 A picture of pasta
Glue the small shells and scallops on the top edge of the picture in a chaotic order.
 A picture of pasta
That's all, a picture of pasta is ready. It turned out a magnificent bouquet. After drying, all elements are kept on the canvas securely and firmly.
 Pasta picture
This is the original way of using pasta residues that are idle in kitchen cabinets.
Pasta pattern products
Hang a masterpiece in the kitchen and wait for the admiring reviews of guests.Such an extraordinary hand-made article will cause them genuine stormy delight.
 Pasta picture
If you like, you can varnish or paint in gold or silver. Paint better spray can. Do not be afraid to experiment, create amazing pictures of the most unexpected materials!

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