Once I decided to make a pendant from copper soft and ordinary solid wire. The usual tough one I found was 10 meters for 6 hryvnias in the All for 3 Hryvnia shop, and I took the copper one from the motor winding. I measured 12 cm and cut it with nippers.
 wire cutting pliers

Now bent the edge with the help of round nose pliers
 we bend the edges
This is the basis for the pendant
 pendant base
Then she measured out 25 cm of copper soft wire, cut off, fastened on the base.
copper soft wire
Stringing a bead, and wrapping around the base 3 times of copper wire. I make sure that the wire is as close as possible to the bead.
 Stringing a bead
 can be denser
Now I fix the copper wire at the base and pull it down.
I fasten the copper wire
I string a 2-sided rhinestone and take the wire to the bottom,fix it.
Sewing rhinestones
Ask me, where did I get it? In the sewing shop I found sewn rhinestones for 50 kopecks each. Attached and bonded to each other with superglue.
And voila, the pendant is ready!
do it yourself

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