Personal experience of buying a car through the site ads

Six months ago we were looking for a wife for a not too old middle class car for solving standard tasks like shopping, delivering children to school and all sorts of music and art schools. Considering her workload in educational and household chores, without a personal auto, the prompt solution of all tasks turned out to be difficult.

Thanks to the advice of a friend-mechanic, we decided on the brand, age range and price. We decided to take a Ford not older than 1998 release. The easiest and most convenient search is the Market free classifieds website. We live in Kazakhstan, so this resource was convenient for us.

Ads under the heading "Transport" on the resource abound. The category is actively updated with new offers, and there really is a choice to choose from.

It took us a little more than a month to search, but we chose carefully, several times faced with misunderstandings, but in the end acquired a good model, which still pleases with its reliability and predictability in work.

What are the benefits of searching for cars on the site ads?

It’s convenient to search for auto sites on the Internet because:

  • viewing ads for free, no need to buy newspapers and special automotive magazines with ads;
  • there is no need to go to the car market either - the Internet is always at hand
  • you can find a suitable model by searching and filtering - you will immediately receive ads that fully satisfy the parameters;
  • the database of offers is large on serious resources, it is constantly updated
  • You can quickly contact the seller and clarify all the details.

What should I look for when reading ads?

By and large, one hundred percent guarantee that the ad will fully correspond to the real state of things, no. Assess the literacy of the compiled ad, examine the specified data on cars, their completeness.

There is no point in paying special attention to the photo. You will see everything when you go to watch the car. But the accuracy of the pictures will tell a lot about the seller. If the photos are dirty and somehow made, then seriousness from such a seller can hardly be expected. I have seen enough of any suggestions. And recalling some of the photos, I wonder how someone could peck at such offers.

Discuss all the details about the car when communicating with the seller. Do not go watch a lot of cars. Half will be eliminated in the process of communication, if you understand a little in the car. If you have knowledge of zero cars, ask familiar specialists. During a conversation with them the seller will understand that lying is meaningless. Experienced mechanics and mechanics are able to ask the right questions, which quickly allow you to understand the actual state of the used car.

How to watch cars?

Next comes the hard part. It is necessary to evaluate the transport personally. If funds allow, you can contact the service for an independent inspection. If there is a familiar master, be sure to take it with you, even if you yourself are not the first year behind the wheel. Four eyes are better than two.

We drove to watch more than 15 cars.I especially remember the Ford Focus 2005, which in all respects was a great offer. The seller is adequate, he said that everything is fine, let's go look. In fact, it is absolutely rotten bottom, it is clear that the doors were changing, although we were not told that. So it's better to trust only your eyes.

I will not dwell on the nuances of the assessment of the car, since this is a very extensive topic. It is important to ride on it, listen to how the engine works, whether there are extraneous noises, whether nothing is knocking. Of course, it is necessary to assess the condition of the body, paint, take into account the mileage. The speedometer can say nothing sensible about the run, as they are successfully rolled up.

Be sure to check the documents on the machine if you are going to buy it.

How to make a deal?

About any prepayments out of the question. It is advisable to immediately issue the car through the contract of sale, not agreeing to vague options for processing power of attorney and other incomprehensible proposals. Everything should be clearly from the point of view of the law, so that later there will be no problems with moving and crossing borders.

We issued the car on the same day when we went to watch.The cost of registration is divided with the seller in half. Asked for a discount for the lack of speakers and a radio. If you have the opportunity to justify the discount, try. Sellers usually agree if the request is justified.

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