Pharaoh's serpent

Good day to all. In this small article I will tell you how to make a simple chemical effect of "Pharaoh's snake".
 the pharaoh's snake
For this we need the following ingredients : - calcium gluconate - dry combustible -
 Calcium gluconate dry combustible
Do not run to the chemical store because everything can be done get in the usual household stores — calcium gluconate (in a pharmacy), and dry fuel (in tourist or hunting and hunting stores). First of all, on the prepared surface (which can be a regular can) we put a dry fuel tablet, and on top put a few tablets of calcium gluconate, now we set fire to dry fuel, we observe an interesting effect.
There is almost no smoke and foreign smell during the reaction, but all it is better to experiment is carried out in a ventilated area.The reaction lasts quite long, depending on the number of calcium gluconate tablets.

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